Gromp’s Worlds predictions! Day One: A huge early upset.

In the spirit of Pick’em’s it’s time for Gromp News’ Tom Daniels to run through today’s games, giving his predictions on the way.

Don’t forget to tweet Gromp News, to say how wrong these predictions are. Today Gromp News is going solo. However, expect some guest predictors along the way!

So, let’s begin with the League of Legends Worlds 2019 predictions!

Fnatic Vs SKT

“I honestly think that Fnatic will take this game. While SKT has looked strong, organised and better than Fnatic in most ways. I feel that Fnatic will not be playing it safe in this game. I expect them t throw an early curveball and SKT will not be able to handle it,”

“I think as long as Nemesis doesn’t get destroyed in lane, it could very well be Fnatic’s opportunity to cause an early shock.”

Tom predicts: Fnatic

RNG Vs Clutch

“I’d love to give Clutch the victory. However, I can’t see anything but a RNG victory. Uzi and Ming are one of if not the best bot lane at worlds and so, they should easily beat Cody Sun and Vulcan,”

“The only hope for Clutch will be if Huni and Lira can carry their team, Damonte holds his own and their bot lane doesn’t lose. Which is, as we know, very unlikely.”

Tom predicts: RNG

Invictus Gaming Vs AHQ

“To be completely honest I haven’t watched much AHQ this season. However, after talking to a few people who have watched the LMS, AQ look decent but nothing special,”

“IG, on the other hand, are coming into this year’s Words as the reigning champions. The Chinese side has looked shakey recently. In some games, they annihilate their opponents and then in the next they show huge weakness’. Still, I think that Rookie’s roster will comfortably beat the LMS side”.

Tom predicts: Invictus Gaming

Damwon Gaming Vs Team Liquid

“This is a crucial match for either of these sides and could very well dictate how group D concludes,”

“As I said previously, despite their inconsistent performances, IG is the favourite to win this group. So, this match could very well determine who joins the Chinese side. Team Liquid look very good. This is arguably the best Team Liquid we have seen. However, ae they better than Damwon?”

“I think so, just. Jensen also performs at world’s when it matters. Also, CoreJJ and Doublelift will certainly be able to compete against Nuclear and BeryL. Damwon shouldn’t be underestimated though. They are an incredibly strong side and if Showmaker and Nuguri perform to their best, they can certainly win this game. However, my gut is saying to predict TL.”

Tom predicts: Team Liquid

J Team Vs FunPlus Pheonix

“Sorry LMS fans but again it’s another loss for your region. FunPlus Pheonix is one of the strongest sides in the competition for me. They have also been given one of the easiest groups in Worlds history,”

“This one is very short, I expect FPX to go 6-0 in their group and this starts with J Team. I do consider J Team. to be the second strongest side in this group. But, that doesn’t really account for much.”

Tom predicts: FPX

GAM Esports Vs Splyce

“What an opportunity for either of these organisations. While Group B is incredibly weak. This does give Splyce and GAM the opportunity to shine. Honestly, this game could go either way,”

“You can never disregard GAM and Splyce have looked shaky so far in worlds. However, I think that Splyce’s narrow victory over Unicorns of Love will benefit the LEC side in the long run. This game depends on one person, Kobbe. If the Dane performs as he did in the regular season, then they should win this,”

“One player to look out for is Levi, he is back at GAM and is ready to prove himself after an uneventful sting in NA. This game is close. But, I’m going to give Splyce a slight advantage. I think their cautious playstyle will benefit them in this match-up.”

Tom Predicts: Splyce

So that concludes the first predictions! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for some new predictions and a reflection on today’s results!

By Tom Daniels

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