The LEC Preview Week Two: Proving Grounds


What a weekend of action the LEC provided last week. SK Gaming proved that Mad Lion’s weren’t just good because of Nemesis and the league they where in, G2 handled Perkz’s new role expertly and well, Misfits were the super-team people expected. In terms of predictions for week 1, we here at Gromp News managed to correctly predict seven out of ten matches. It’s safe to say we may have overestimated Fnatic’s ability to play well without sOAz and caps.

So without further ado, It’s time to discuss the major talking points going into week two.

Misfits’ time to impress


While their emphatic victories over Rogue and Sk Gaming certainly impressed many fans last week. Their match-ups against Origen and Vitality will be the true test as to whether this side is the real deal. Both Vitality and Origen have had a shaky start to the split. However, both sides are more than capable of beating top-tier opposition. The latest example being as recently as last week, as Origen beat Fnatic. How Misfits performs against Origen also gives a slight everybody an extra insight on how G2 and Misfits compare. If GorrilA’s side cannot beat Origen, a team that was outclassed by G2, then are they really in the same league as G2?

Vitality will also want to knock Misfits down a level as they need a big victory to bring confidence back into their fans. The side looked lackluster last week, they felt almost a step behind. This is mainly due to Mowgli not adapting well to the LEC as quickly as many hoped. Nevertheless, the Korean has now experienced life on the LEC stage and his synergy with his team should have already improved. If so, then Misfits will also need to show that they good teamwork because mechanical skill will not always win you games. Both of these sides will prove to be challenging to Misfits, nobody should be expecting a Misfits performance of last week due to the step up in competition. Still, the sides qualities cannot be dismissed. Hans Sama already seems to be on another level compared to his performances in the summer split and if he can continue his form, then we here at Gromp News expect Misfits to show the world that they are at least on par with G2.

Are we going to see an improved Fnatic?





Fnatic’s surprising 0-2 start was possibly the most talked about news that happened last week.  However, with one more week of practice behind the last ever EULCS champions, surely they have improved? Nevertheless, even if they have improved their synergy the question is raised as to whether the players have the quality to beat Vitality and Schalke.

As we said previously, Vitality will want to prove that they are a better team than they performed last week and so Fnatic will need to be at their best if they want to be victorious. Considering this is the first game of the week, a lot of pressure will be on Fnatic to get a result as a 0-3 start is a massive underachievement, even this early in the season. The main battle will be between the mid and bottom laners. Nemesis had a shaky start to his LEC career. He performed average at best last week. You do have to take into account that he was playing a losing lane twice due to the champions he was put on. However, for a player who is so highly regarded by one of the best organisations in Europe, he still should have performed better in his two games. Things won’t get easier for Nemesis as this week he plays Jizuke, who is arguably a top four mid laner. A different mid lane challenge awaits the rookie against Schalke as he will lock horns with Abbedagge, who is also a rookie. This will be Nemesis’ chance to prove that he his rightfully hyped up, a poor performance against another new LEC player could severely knock his confidence going forward.

The bottom lane will be Fnatics chance to impress. Rekkles and Hylissang arguably have the advantage over Attila and ???. If the team comes out of the game against Vitality victorious, it will be because of the duo, more importantly, Rekkles, carrying the team. The opposite could be said with Schalke. Upset is being considered as the man who will take Rekless’ crown eventually, is this the time for him to prove his worth? Expect Schalke Vs Fnatic to be bot lane centric, with both junglers prioritizing their carries. In the end, the best ADC will win, will it be Rekkles or Upset?

Will Rogue be victorious?


While many didn’t expect Fnatic to go 0-2, the same couldn’t be said for Rogue. However, this week then have the chance to redeem themselves as they go up against Splyce. Rogue and Splyce both looked shaky in their opening two games. Both sides showed weaknesses and most of their games depended on whether the opposition could exploit their mistakes. Nevertheless, if Rogue can sort out there differences and begin playing as a team, they have a solid chance of winning their first ever LEC game.

The game will have a major emphasis on the top lane. Both Expect and Vizicsacsi will be crucial memebers when it comes to the team fighting in the mid lane. If either one of these players can execute a good teamfight, it will be the difference between winning and losing. After the fight has been started, it’ll all be down to Kobbe and HeaQ as to who can deal the most damage and ultimately win the game. Kobbe has a clear advantage over HeaQ in terms of mechanical ability. Still, we here at Gromp News feel that the stronger duo lane right now is Rogues due to Norskeren and Kobbe lacking synergy right now. Rogue possibly won’t have a better chance to beat Splyce as they are guaranteed to improve as the split continues. While this may not be a massive upset, Rogue should be able to pull off a victory over Kobbe’s side.

Week Two: Let’s Go!

Overall, this LEC game week will be the true test to everybody involved. Can G2 and Misfits remain undefeated? Is Fnatic really in trouble? Who are really play-off contending sides? As the weeks continue the answers should become clearer. Hopefully, there aren’t many technical issues this week. However, if there are, don’t let that deter you from some exciting LEC action!


Friday 25th January

Fnatic Vs Vitality
Rogue Vs Splyce
exceL Vs G2
SK Vs Schalke
Origen Vs Misfits

Saturday 26th January

Fnatic Vs Schalke
SK vs  exceL
Rogue Vs G2
Origen Vs Splyce
Misfits Vs Vitality


By Tom Daniels (@TheTomDaniels)



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