MnM Jungler Noltey: “The goal is to win the whole thing.”

UKLC’s second week of action is underway in just a few hours. The scrims have been completed, players have been preparing, and every team should be more familiar with the league’s new system.

All eyes will be on Fnatic and exceL’s academy sides and whether they can remain dominant. However, one side looking to put a spanner in the works will be MnM Gaming.

The Organisations Jungler, Noltey, has his sights on the top of the tower after their losing effort to Fnatic Rising in week one. Their first game will be up against Phelan Gaming, Noltey’s former team and a side who lost to eventual winners exceL. Nevertheless, the player seems confident in taming the wolves.

Will Noltey guide his team to the top of the tower?


“We’ve ironed over a lot of our failures in week one. So the game (against Phelan Gaming) should be pretty free.” Said the Jungler.

The Brit also added that his side’s expectations are to aim for the top each and every week.

“Going into every week the goal is to win the whole thing. As for a personal standpoint, taking games off academy teams consistently is my aim. By the very definition of this, if you take a game off an academy side then you have a pretty good chance of winning the whole thing,”

MnM Gaming consists of four new players, with Shogun being the only remaining starter from the last split. Despite this, Noltey has ensured that their cohesion will not be a long term issue for MnM.

He says: “Training as always has its ups and downs. With a couple of new players on the team (himself and Chibs), our improvement arc is really insane.”

The jungler also mentions how the patch is ideal for his team’s style of play, as he adds: “As for the patch, it suits our team really well and it feels as though we can apply everyone’s strengths to our games.



MnM as an organisation have a real belief that their side is the real deal. However, this week is a chance for them to prove themselves. If they can get past Phelan Gaming, then they will have the opportunity to potentially square off against Fnatic academy again.


The organisation will be looking to highlight their positives against the academy side and effectively use them this week. Even though Fnatic comfortably won that game, there were still glimpses of an MnM comeback.

Noltey says: “The Fnatic Rising game, despite a horrific early game, was really winnable. However, it was lost on some minor mistakes that Fnatic punished really well.”

After a week of training behind them, perhaps the Marshmallows can upset the academy sides and become a tower champion. They certainly have the roster to do so. Even so, the competition around them has yet to be fully tested. This week will be crucial in establishing who the top teams are in the league.

Don’t forget to tune into the UKLC tonight at 6pm to see all the action!

By Tom Daniels


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