MnM’s ADC Monk: “I try to do everything I can for the team.”

Yesterday the UKLC’s third tower tournament began and it’s fair to say there were some results that nobody expected would happen.

For the first time this split, there will be no academy team in the semi-finals as MnM Gaming shocked the system by beating exceL UK. Whilst all of MnM’s roster played superbly, one player stood out. Their ADC Monk.

The ADC was named MVP in MnM’s upset against exceL UK.

The player wowed the audience with his performance on the rift. Despite their rocky start, he knew the game was in their hand as soon as the draft had been locked in.

He says: “The game went almost as we were hoping it would, only that we were a bit more behind in the early game than we expected to be. But, a strong mental fortitude kept us from falling further behind and scale to the point where we could just roll them over in a team fight,

Kog’Maw works well for me because it is my best champion and has been for a few years now, so it is just an extreme comfort pick for me.

The Kog’Maw was certainly an effective pick in the end for the ADC. However, he is doubtful that their next opposition Enclave will allow him to play his favourite champion.

I expect it to be banned, but if it’s not I might (play him) yeah“. Says the Estonian.

Despite their victory yesterday, Monk still thinks that many people will doubt the ability of his side. Even so, in his opinion the only people who need to believe in this side, are themselves.

He explains: ” I don’t think people will start taking us more seriously even after this game and I don’t mind anyway if they do or not. I just want to focus everything on elevating my team to the next level and not concern myself with everyone’s expectations of us.”

Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped him recognising the support he has been getting from the viewers. With every game, the ‘Monk will Carry’ saying seems to be getting more and more popular. The player hopes that this upward trend will continue.



“The ‘Monk will carry’ (saying) is used positively if I win and play well. But, also if we lose or I play bad it just becomes Monk will int, so yeah I will try my best to keep people saying Monk will carry instead,”


“My mindset has always been that I try to do everything I can for the team, in or out of the game, because in the end, I can look better alone if I focus only on myself but what’s the point if you don’t win the game,”

“If I do have any real fans then I really appreciate your support!”

MnM’s next challenge will be Enclave Gaming today. After facing off against two academy sides this split, Enclave proved their worth by beating DarkSpawn. However, despite Enclave’s victory, Monk is pretty confident his side can win the match and head on to the finals.

I feel like we will win tomorrow pretty confidently as I don’t think Enclave is very good. But, I won’t disrespect them and I’ll play properly tomorrow.

Monk and MnM will know that no victory should be taken for granted. With Diabolus, Enclave, and Barrage also still in with a shot to face Fnatic Rising, will there be another giant killing this week?

Make sure you tune into the UKLC tonight at 6pm to find out who will be crowned the next tower champion.

By Tom Daniels


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