Diabolus’ Jungler Munckizz: “I’m still not satisfied with our performances yet.”

As a new week dawns it only means one thing. Another tower tournament awaits us in the UKLC.

The major story last week was MnM’s run through the tower to face Fnatic Rising in the finals. Beating the likes of exceL UK to secure themselves some valuable points. However, one organisation has been slipping under the raider as a potential giant killer. That side is Diabolus.

As of right now Diabolus sit 3rd in the table with five points, four points ahead of the teams in 5th place. Due to the side not picking up a tower title, their success seems to have gone unnoticed.

Diabolus’ Jungler Munckizz believes that while his side are performing well, they have still not reached their expectations.

The Jungler is expecting to be top of the tower soon.

He says: “I think the season has been going decent so far, we have managed to pick up a few wins each week. But, I’m still not satisfied with our performances yet. I think we have a lot more potential than we have shown thus far.”

The Dane seems incredibly confident in his sides ability to topple the academy teams. In fact he explains that if his side converted their practices to the UKLC, then they may have already been a tower champion.



“I think the reason why we have yet to be crowned tower champions is because we are not translating our scrim results into our official matches. If we can fix this issue I think we will have a very big chance of winning one of the tower challenges,”


“I definitely think that we have improved since week one, but we still have a long way to go. With how things are going right now we should be top two contenders for sure!”

Diabolus seem to be one of the teams who are benefiting from the tower format that the UKLC implemented this season. While some sides are struggling with the fact that one game can end your week, the side in red feel that this pressure fuels the team even more.

“I feel that the tower format is really good for teams that are always performing on official matches, but at the same time if you have one off day you will be punished super hard for it. Potentially you could end a week with zero points as a top team. The reason why we are thriving in this format, is because we are performing really well when it counts, and we are very consistent.” Says Munckizz.

Is it only a matter of time before Diabolus take the tower? According to everybody involved in the organisation, they will be crowned a tower champions eventually. With all the attention being drawn towards MnM and their impressive run, the Demons will want to remind the league that they are the team to be feared.

Don’t forget to watch the UKLC every Wednesday at 6pm live on Twitch!

By Tom Daniels


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