Phelan Gaming’s ADC Achuu: “We will perform better and more consistent than last spilt.”

LVP UK’s UKLC summer split begins this Wednesday. Along with a whole host of roster moves, two new teams also come into the competition as Demise and NVision gained promotion via Forge of Champions in spring.

However, one team that has gone under many peoples radar are Phelan Gaming. After finishing sixth, the Wolves have decided to shake up their roster whilst also retaining some of their key performers from the last split.

One of those key performers was their ADC Achuu who states that with this new roster, and the chance to play with a familiar partner, he had to resign for Phelan.


The ADC is ready to enter the rift with a few familiar faces.


He says:  “I decided to stay with Phelan since I had a great chance of playing with Visdom, and continue playing with Sof,”

“It feels great finally playing alongside him (Visdom) once again, and we can finally show how well we can play as a Duo.”

Achuu and Visdom previously played together for Good Game Esports in the Danish national league. So, Phelan will be hoping that the pair’s immediate synergy will provide them with an early advantage coming into the split. Along with Sof, the Danish player is joined by two relatively unknown players in Chemera and Xizz3l. Whilst little is known about the teams new top and mid laner, Achuu is confident that the roster is certainly an upgrade from springs line-up.

“I Think the roster is slightly better than last spilt from what we’ve shown in scrims so far. But it’s hard to say where that’ll put us in the regular season. The upcoming split will be a surprise,”

“We will perform better and more consistent than the last spilt. In the end, I hope for a top four placement.”



As all the UKLC rosters have been released, it’s apparent that there is some high calibre ADC’s coming into the spring split. Whether that be MnM’s Yusa or Fnatic Rising’s xMatty. the bot lane talent in the UK is incredibly high. However, the former SuperMassive player has his eyes locked on exceL’s marksmen.


Out of all the ADC’s I’m looking most forward to face Jesklaa if I had to name someone.”

Phelan’s first task will be against Diabolus Esports this Wednesday. Both sides will be looking to prove to the scene that they deserve to be considered a strong side.  Whoever wins this clash will get valuable points in the opening week. Both the Demons and the Wolves field different rosters but in the end, only one side will come out victorious.

Remember the UKLC Summer Split begins this Wednesday 6pm live on Twitch.

By Tom Daniels


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