Diabolus’ Support TheHeathen: “I feel like we’re just a better team than Demise.”


Tonight marks the return ofForge of Champions. After taking a break due to the worlds play-in stage, round two of the UK competition is set to get underway.

One team looking to make a name for themselves in the tournament are Diabolus Esports. The spring split champions will be wanting to prove that despite a whole host of roster changes and a mid-split finish in summer, they are considered one of the top UK organisations in League of Legends.

Diabolus’ support, TheHeathen, is looking forward to stepping on to the rift after a short interval.

The Dane is ready for their crucial match-up tonight.

“I’m feeling good coming into the second round of Forge, I’m honestly just enjoying playing competitively again. The break between FOC and the regular split really made me miss the competitiveness and constant fight for improvement that I felt during the normal season. So being back on stage and playing with my team is really nice and something I’ll definitely miss in the upcoming offseason.”

Diabolus will play Demise tonight in the first match-up of the second round. Demise’s rise in the UK League of Legends scene has shocked many. After picking up EJBY Brotherhood in the Summer Split, the team has gone on to impress in their debut UKLC season.

However, according to the Danish support, Diabolus should comfortably win the game, if everything goes to plan.

Honestly, I feel like we’re just a better team than Demise. They’re known for their very bot-centric playstyle where they’re looking to snowball DenVoksne as much as possible, and this is something I really feel we’ll be able to shut down hard. Overall I feel like we just outmatch them skill-wise in every position, and hopefully, it’s something we’re able to show in the match,

“We’re still working hard and scrimming a lot, doing our best to improve and make the DBL fans proud!”

The former Hybrid UK player does add that while he is confident in his side’s ability, when Demise have a player like Denvoksne in your team, an upset is always possible.



I do think that they’re all great players, and I know that DenVoksne can carry if he’s given enough resources, but I don’t think it’ll turn out to be a problem. If there’s someone to be worried about on their team, then it’s definitely him. Either that or a spicy pick they’ve prepared we won’t be able to see coming. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen tho!



So, it’s safe to say that TheHeathen is confident in tonight’s series. Nevertheless, the player is realistic when it comes to being able to topple Fnatic Rising in the final and win the whole competition.

Winning the whole tournament might be a bit of a stretch, but I do think we’ll be able to make it to the final. We’ve been working hard the past month, and I reckon we’ve been putting in a lot more work than a lot of other teams. We’re also finally starting to find our identity as a team, which is definitely way too late, but we can benefit from that in this tournament!

Who will win the Hell-Clàsico? Both of these sides have recently earned the reputation of defying peoples expectations. But tonight, only one will come out victorious.

Don’t forget to tune into Forge of Champions tonight at 6pm live on Twitch!

By Tom Daniels



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