The LEC Preview: Week One, here we go!

Welcome to the first ever LEC preview here at Gromp News!

In this article we will delve into this week’s fixtures, providing some talking points and also giving a prediction, which will be tracked throughout the season.

Before we discuss all the match-ups, it’s important to talk about the LEC as a whole. Firstly, congratulations to everybody involved with the branding and promotion of the new league. The hype is well and truly real. From the branding to the brand deals, the LEC certainly is its own entity, no longer is it in the shadow of its American relative. With this being the first season of Europe’s franchise era, we all have been treated to an influx of new players. This season will feature at least twelve new rookies if exceL is serious about their ten-man roster. Along with the new faces, we have four players arriving from Korea in Piren, Gorilla, IgNar, and Mowgli. Mix those rosters with some returning players from previous splits and we have a whole host of new starting line-ups.


The first week will provide the groundwork on how the season will play out as a whole. A lot of these sides will want to win at least one game in the opening week as most of them see themselves as a playoff contending side. With that being said, let’s discuss some of the major talking points going into the first ever LEC split.

A tough challenge for Origen

Welcome back Origen to Europe’s top flight. It’s fair to say that the organisation has been dealt the hardest opening fixtures this year as they will have to face Fnatic and G2 Esports. Origen will be wanting to show Europe that they can compete against any team in this league. With a roster that wants to prove a point and players like Nukeduck wanting to continue their form from last season. There could be a surprise result already on the cards. However, toppling Fnatic and G2 will be one tough challenge. G2’s brand new ADC and mid lane partnership of Perkz and Caps will be put to the test straight away. It’s unsure whether Perkz will be fully adapted to his new role and going up against Mithy and Patrik (previously Sheriff) could prove to be too much for the player. MickyX will be heavily relied on in this game. It’ll be interesting to see if he is able to help his new partner in the laning phase. If G2 can remain competitive in the early game then they should win the game during the team fights due to their players mechanical ability. Nevertheless, we here at Gromp news expect to finish the first days worth of action with a little surprise as Origen will beat G2. This is partly due to Perkz still adapting to life in the bot lane. But, the main factor will be the early game meta which is expected to occur. This means lane supremacy is key and Origen’s players have a slight advantage in this regard so early on in the season.

Origen vs Fnatic, on the other hand, is a different story. An old rivalry renewed as xPeke is back to try and tackle Fnatic. However, this time both sides look and feel completely different. Fnatic have changed very little in their roster player wise. In fact with Bwipo being the sole top laner for the organisation, you could say that the side is even more in sync than before. The arrival of Nemesis will be a major talking point during the game week. Can he step into caps’ shoes? Will he be able to stand out at Fnatic? Will he be the best rookie mid laner this split? While all these questions will not be answered straight away. We will see an early indication as to how Fnatic utilize their new star rookie. Expect Origen to put up a fight, they will not go down easily. Nevertheless, if Fnatic plays their ‘Rekkles centric’ style that has been successful for them in the past. They should win this game. Either way, Origen have a chance to prove to the league where they rank against the best this season.

The underdogs with a chance to impress


Schalke 04 have a roster ready to shock a few people in the LEC. Whilst we here at Gromp News feel that they will place 5th/6th this split, they have a real possibility of challenging higher up the league table if their players perform. Much like Origen, they will also have the opportunity to tackle some of the bigger sides in the league early on. Their first game, for example, will be against Vitality. Out of every game this week, Schalke vs Vitality has the potential to be the match of the weekend. Both sides have similar expectations set by the fans. They are good, but not quite in the top three. Schalke have built their side around their ADC Upset. However, it will be Abbedagge’s involvement which could determine which side is victorious. The same could be said for Vitality and their new Jungler Mowgli. Have both of these players adapted to their line-ups in time for this match? The result of this game is a coin flip, and that’s what will make the LEC so entertaining. However, we here at Gromp News highly rate Schalke’s new mid lane talent and if he performs to his expectations, then his side should narrowly claim the victory.

An easy road for Misfits?

Misfits are considered one of the biggest threats to Fnatic and G2’s crown this split. Their superstar line-up on paper has little faults and if their synergy develops over the year, then they are a team to be feared. Nevertheless, at first, they may have some communication issues. Misfits do feature a lot of players who stylistically may not work well together at the beginning. However, the organisation has possibly been given the easiest opening fixtures as they face off against Rogue and exceL. Both sides are brand new organisations to Europe’s top flight and have brought in players that many would be considered lower tier in the league. Still, you certainly shouldn’t count them out. If you’re a side predicted 6th-10th, then facing Misfits right now is the best opportunity to steal a victory. If the communication is not apparent for the side then Rogue, who have brought in experienced LEC players, could benefit from Misfits. exceL will also always surprise their opponents. They have a vast range of players to choose from if their ten-man roster is successful and that will make them incredibly hard to predict. In the end though, while Rogue and exceL will be ready for the challenge of taking down Misfits. Due to their mechanical abaility, SoAz’s side should come out of this game week 2-0.

The LEC is set to become one of the most competitive leagues in the west (unless you count the Spanish national circuit, that’s an article in its self). While we discussed three talking points going into this game week, there are many more discussions that could be written about. Such as the return of Sk Gaming with their Mad Lions roster and Splyces’ journey from rejected to redefined. These topics will be touched on as the weeks go by. We here at Gromp News have never been so excited for a League of Legends split. Hopefully, the LEC will deliver on its hype.


Friday 18th January
(Fnatic) Vs SK Gaming
exceL Esports Vs (Splyce)
Vitality Vs (Schalke 04)
Rogue Vs (Misfits)
(Origen) Vs G2

Saturday 19th January
(G2) vs Schalke
Rogue Vs (exceL Esports)
Splyce Vs (Vitality)
(Misfits) Vs SK Gaming
Origen Vs (Fnatic)


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