SK Gaming shock the system – The LEC Review (Week one Day one)

Welcome to the first ever LEC review.  Where we here at Gromp news go through today’s epic fixtures. What an eventful opening LEC season. So without further ado let’s get right into the action.


Opening match drama

SK proved that an old dog does have new tricks. You just have to not see that dog for about two years.

What an opening series of events that occurred during the Fnatic/ SK game. Firstly SK Gaming looked to have completely dominated Fnatic before latency issues in the server forced a full reset of the game. As you could imagine everybody was disappointed to see a match so late in the game be erased, especially considering SK Gaming was about to be victorious (or at least they seemed to be victorious). Secondly, Fnatic banned SK’s Xin Zhao, Corki, and Rakan from the previous game. Enraging fans as they where SK’s key champions in their previous… sort of victory? Thirdly, SK Gaming went on to beat Fnatic in their second encounter proving that their early game tactics in the last game, were not just because of Fnatic underestimating their opponents. However, the second game was no easy ride for the returning organisation. Quite simply, they have one man to thank. Selfmade. The player was a mechanical god on Sejuani and it was his game-changing ultimates and early ganks that ensured SK were victorious. The Pole was not only able to adapt his style of play in two games having changed from Xin to Sejuani. But he executed both perfectly. Many people were hyping the jungler as the true superstar in the Mad Lions roster and if he continues these performances, the people might be true.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t just Selfmade which won his side the game. Dreams also managed to step up. Arguably Dreams was considered one of the weaker players in SK’s line-up. However, his ultimates with Selfmade were timed to perfection. It was a constant repeat of Sejunai, Braum, Kill until SK took down the nexus. It’s important to note that Nemesis didn’t have the greatest of games against PireAn. He was constantly down in the laning phase and at times he felt invisible in the team fights. However, this is only the first game and expect Fnatic to bounce back as soon as tomorrow. Nevertheless, this was the start SK Gaming fans could only have wished for.

Misfits dominance

A  lot of people were wondering how Misfits would perform straight away in the LEC. Their superstar line-up had a chance to impress against a Rogue side that many consider to be battling for playoffs at a push. In all honesty, this was the most dominating game of the entire day. It all started in the draft when Rogue provided Hans Sama with Draven. By the 12th minute, the ADC had a Bloodthirster and a BF Sword and ended the game 8/0/2. Misfits had a 14k gold lead when Rogue’s nexus was destroyed. To be fair, many expected Misfits to win.  Every single player on this side has been to at least a worlds quarter-final. However, it was the way they beat Rogue that stood out. Their execution was clean for most of the game and Rogue cannot be too disappointed with how they played. It was just that Misfits played the perfect game. It also helps when an early game team is granted three inferno dragons. In terms of analysis, there isn’t too much to say. GorillA and Hans Sama looked brilliant in lane. Febiven performed well, with sOAZ and Maxlore remaining consistent in the game. This is the start that Fnatic wished they had in the first game. However, this was against Rogue and it’ll be interesting to see how this team fairs tomorrow and more importantly next week. As for Rogue, they will probably not pay too much attention to this result, it was an expected loss and their focus will be on tomorrow’s matchup against exceL. It’s in that game where we may see Sencux fully perform against a lower tiered side.

Origen is good.. wait what happened?

The last game of the day was certainly a treat. Origen Vs G2 and yeah, Perkz was playing Zoe in the bot lane. The major questions going into this game were how good are Origen? And can Perkz play bot lane? The answer is simple. Origen is good and Perkz can play bot lane, kinda. This game surprisingly was one of the slower games in the laning phase. This was no small part of the quality of players in each role. It is also a credit to Perkz who is going up against a strong pair in Mithy and Patrik. The fact that G2 was only slightly losing in bot lane is a major positive to Perkz and more importantly Mickyx, who tried his best to keep him alive in the early game. However, when G2 started grouping up, that’s when the game really began. G2’s comp of Zoe, Karthus, and Jayce is ridiculous. The damage from these champions together, along with G2’s natural mechanical ability spelled the end of Origen in an instant. As soon as G2 realized how much damage they could do they grew in confidence and the game was over. If there is one thing we have realized about G2, they don’t care about the laning phase because they have a strategy and that is annihilating sides when the real fights begin. Origen have a chance to redeem themselves tomorrow against Fnatic, one of these teams will go 0-2. G2, on the other hand, have sent an immediate message to Misfits and the rest of the League.

Schalke’s killer blow

Vitality Vs Schalke was hyped up a lot here at Gromp News as the game of the week. While it failed to fully deliver on its expectations. This fight was entertaining to watch and overall a lot of fun. Of course, Vitality had to be the first side to play a non-marksman in the bot lane, locking in Viktor with the Tahm Kench. The game as a whole felt like a boxing match. Both sides were looking for that knockout blow in a matchup that lacked in kills but not in aggressive plays. In the end, it was all about who could slay the Baron. Trust us, Vitality tried very hard to take down the Baron. Every time a slight advantage was given their way they would run out the Baron pit to try and take it down. Four attempts later and the Baron still stood tall. Then as Vitality walked away to build up for a fifth Baron play. Schalke walked in, slayed the beast and delt Vitality a huge sucker punch This resulted in Schalke running down mid lane, winning a crucial team fight and claiming the nexus.

Both sides showed that they will be entertaining to watch whether they win or lose. Mowgli and Memento were all over the map and Odoamne had a great Kennen game, then a bad Kennen game, then he played okay. To be honest, the major reason Schalke won the game was because of Upset. The side was correct to build around him and he looked consistent on his signature Ezreal pick. In the end, he was a major factor for the German side being victorious. However, if both of these sides continue to play this way, a lot of teams will struggle to cope against them.

It doesn’t matter how you win

The second game on Friday featured the returning Splyce and newcomers exceL Esports. The long story short, this game fell flat compared to SK vs Fnatic. The game highlighted more weakness for the sides than their strength. This game felt like it was the first game of the split. Both sides didn’t seem prepared and Splyce won due to their late-game strategy and the fact exceL made more mistakes than them.  The game started hilariously as Splyce support Norskeren forgot to buy items until a minute and a half into the game, immediately making Kobbe’s game a little bit harder. We also go to see Expect lock in his signature Rumble in the top lane which at first was fun, but slowly turned out to be a drastic mistake as the game continued. Neither of these sides seemed alert today. Nevertheless, if these issues can be sorted out, there was glimpse’s from both sides that show they have true potential to upset teams in the league. Humanoid had a solid debut for Splyce and so far has yet to be killed in the league. He didn’t look out of place in that lineup and certainly, he will improve as the split continues. In the end, Splyce were victorious and they will gladly take the win. In the end, it doesn’t matter how you win, just that you come out with the victory.

A successful debut?

To conclude, what an exciting start to the LEC. It has to be said, the event felt very long. This was due to the technical issues throughout the games. We here at Gromp News didn’t want to focus on the technical problems. However, it did impact on the enjoyment of the stream. The majority of the games featured a situation where a pause was needed. However, despite that, it was a successful debut for the LEC. The stories were delivered the production was generally clean and most of the games delivered from an entertainment standpoint. On to the next day!

By Tom Daniels

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