DarkSpawn Head Coach Zvir: “A lot of people are currently writing us off”.

The UKLC 2019 spring split is only a few hours away. With a new format, new rosters and, new organisations. Expect this season to push the British Esports scene into the spotlight.

One new organisation looking to instantly make an impact will be DarkSpawn Gaming. They take on Fnatic’s academy team, Fnatic Rising, in the first match of the split. DarkSpawn’s head coach Zvir, spoke to us about his side facing one of Europe’s top Esports organisations.

DarkSpawn’s new head coach.

“Fnatic look currently like the strongest team in the league in my opinion. A lot of people are currently writing us off. However, me and my players have been working hard to improve and be well prepped and ready for today’s game and we will give it our best for our fans,” said the coach.

“We are really excited to play and are eager to get started. Being the first game on is an honour and made us even more hyped. We just can’t wait to show off our skills on the rift as a team!”

File:DarkSpawn Esportslogo square.png

This is DarkSpawn’s first season in the UK Legends of Legends scene. Their roster consists of Akkers, PFI. Beeley, Flirt and Viggo. The only players to have played together competitively are Akkers and Viggo, who had a spell for Phealan Gaming. With this in mind, Zvir set out on developing the rosters team cohesion as soon as the roster was created.

“The first thing you need is cohesion, and it’s even more important with a full rookie team. Working out communication and how to get five players to work together as a team is the most important thing. League is a 5v5 game and you can have amazing players. But, if they cant co-ordinate and function as a five man unit, the game is evidently more difficult.”

The former Team Singularity coach will have a tough season ahead of him. The likes of Fnatic Rising and exceL UK will be using their LEC status to their advantage, by bringing in some of the best players in the UK and Europe. However, Zvir believes that the sky is the limit for his side as long as you have the right mentality.

“The goal is always to win and do the best we can do. If you aren’t reaching to be the best you never will be.”

Nevertheless, it’s apparent that the coach knows that this season will be a challenge as he added: “We know we have a long way to go and its going to be tough, we feel as if fifth is for sure within our reach.”

This season is set to be one of the best for the UK League of Legends scene. DarkSpawn are clearly wanting to start the season off with a bang, as they try to upset the early tournament favourites.

Zvir’s DarkSpawn will play Fnatic Rising tonight at 6pm on Twitch.

By Tom Daniels


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