Phelan Gaming’s Eragon: “It was really our game to throw away.”

Yesterday marked the beginning on the UKLC and also the new tower format that has been implemented this split.

Many expected MNM, exceL UK, Fnatic Rising and Diabolus to advance onto day two. They were correct to assume so.  However, what caught viewers off-guard was Phelan Gaming‘s valiant defeat against ecxeL’s academy side. Particularly by their top laner Eragon.

The Irish org’s top lane threat.

“I hope I proved that I have improved. People’s thoughts are justified though I’ll say that much. I never really showed much before but recently I’ve been trying very hard to be better and stack up to the rest of my team who are damn good.” Said the player.

Eragon certainly seems to have improved from his time at Digital Warfare. Despite it being the first game of the UKLC, solo killing Send0o (who many expect to play for ecxeL’s first team in the future) is one way of showing you deserve to be in the league. Another way of showing you deserve to play on this stage is by also solo-killing Exile, who last week was playing for exceL’s LEC side.

Nevertheless, the former Forgotten in Time player knows that there are still improvements to be made if his side wants to make waves in this league.

He said: “I definitely think as a team we had a few blunders namely overstaying on turrets which weren’t defendable. It was really our game to throw away, unfortunately. But, I do think we showed Phelan isn’t as bad as people assumed prior. From an individual standpoint, I definitely didn’t extend my lead which I’m sad about.”



Still, the laner believes that his side can push on and hopefully make it to the playoffs by the end of the split. He added: “I wanna improve individually as much as I can and get as high on the table as possible hopefully top four.”


Due to the new format that has been introduced this split, this was the only time Phelan  Gaming played this week. However, this didn’t detract from Eragon’s experience in his first tower tournament.

“It was a really hype experience. My teammates are fantastic and great friends too so despite a few nerves it was great overall.”

Expect the UK’s Irish organisation to continue to grow as the weeks go by. Especially considering they are implementing a ten man roster. As for Eragon, if his performances can remain consistent then he may begin to build a following of his own. His cameo in the entrance video to the UKLC is also a step in the right direction.

Make sure you keep an eye on Eragon and Phelan Gaming’s progress in the UKLC.

For more UKLC action tune it tonight at 6pm on Twitch!

By Tom Daniels


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