Enclave’s Head Coach Mans: “Patch 9.3 changes the game quite a bit.”

The UKLC began last week and the new tower format is already creating some interesting stories coming into its second week.

One of the most interesting topics is Enclave Gaming and where they fit among the other teams in the league. For those who do not know, Enclave where the first (unofficial) tower champions in week one, due to their participation in the European Masters last season.

However, their reign was cut short as they lost to exceL academy in a closely contested match-up. Enclave’s head coach, Mans, talked to us about their game against the LEC academy side.

Can Mans help his side bounce back?

It was nice to see that we were able to match up to the LEC academy teams, and if it wasn’t for a few mistakes I think we could have definitely won that game.” Said the coach.

Considering Enclave have only competed in one game this split, it’s hard to tell how strong this roster is. Nevertheless, their performance against exceL (albeit being a loss) certainly showed everybody that they have what it takes to battle against the best in the league. Mans believes that the early loss will not be a deciding factor for their entire season.

It wasn’t really that demoralising that we lost. We had some really good individual performances and many of the players played to the level they had been showing in scrims. It was a rough start for us playing against exceL in our first game of the tournament, but I think the team handled it well.

Another major talking point going into week two will be how each side adapts to patch 9.3, which will be launched competitively in the UK this Wednesday. The American coach is highly optimistic about the new patch. He believes that this patch could give his side the upper hand against the other organisations in the league.

” Patch 9.3 changes the game quite a bit. There are a ton of viable comps, play styles, and champions that will be meta coming into the next patch. So this week we are just going to focus on trying to find the best comp that fits our play style on the new patch. Because I think that if we play our game there will be very few teams that can beat us.


However, Mans certainly isn’t taking this league for granted, as he added: “I was actually really surprised at the level of play from all the teams. Some teams played better than I initially expected as well as many of the teams quite a bit worse than I expected.

As the weeks develop, an indication of who the top tier sides are will start to become clearer. With a new tournament each week, comes new opportunities for each side to shine. Enclave Gaming is certainly one of those teams looking to dethrone exceL and reclaim their seat at the top of the mountain.

To see all the action unfold don’t forget to tune into the UKLC this Wednesday 6pm on Twitch.

Also, many thanks to Enclave Gaming and their sponsors , Artic Channel,  and .

By Tom Daniels


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