Phelan’s Jungler Sof: “I’m sure we’ll come back stronger.”

Week two of UKLC concluded yesterday and we have a new tower champion in Fnatic Rising. As of right now, it seems that the LEC academy sides for exceL and Fnatic are the teams to beat if any other organisation wants to topple the tower.

One team that impressed this week were Phelan Gaming, as they managed to claim their first point of the split. The side beat MnM Gaming to advance to day two. Nevertheless, they fell short yesterday losing out to Diabolus.

Straight after all the action concluded, Phelan’s jungler Sof ran through how he felt week two of the UKLC went for his team.

The jungler reflects on this week’s performances.

He says: “Overall I thought the games this week were alright. Our win versus MnM was okay but on a macro level it wasn’t really clean due to us acting too respectful mid game and allowing the game to go on way longer than it should have been, due to their good baron sneak,”

I feel like I played to my win condition well and actually won early vs a team comp we shouldn’t have, along with roaming with my mid laner to top/bot to extend our advantages. I feel like it was a decent performance. I know people are rating me quite low in multiple tier lists and under other junglers in the league, so it’s nice to have a performance like this versus respectful opponents.”

However, when asked about his defeat to Diabolus, the jungler admits he needs to improve if his side is to challenge the top organisations in the league.

Against Diabolus, it was pretty rough, I was really off-form and made a bunch of mistakes that normally I wouldn’t have made. So, that’s unfortunate but these things happen,

I under-performed and I’m unsatisfied with my performance definitely, which I’ll use as motivation to come back stronger and be the best I possibly can be,

There’s a lot to improve on and I’m sure we’ll come back stronger.


As previously said, Phelan have now claimed their first point of the split. Something that will be a huge relief given the fact that it only took them two weeks. Even so, Sof was more relieved that they could beat a side the calibre of MnM, than the total amouny of points his side ended with.

“I’d say it’s a relief in the sense that MnM is a team we have to beat to prove ourselves. But, I think as a team we’re unsatisfied with our current standings in the table and are hungry for more.”

A lot of people didn’t know of the UK’s Irish representatives before the UKLC began. Yet, through the performances of Eragon last week and the whole team this week, they are starting to gain a following. This side will undoubtedly continue to develop as the weeks go by.

Next Wednesday the side have a shot at revenge as they face Diabolus in their round of eight match-up. Will the demons prevail or can the wolves bite back?

If you missed any of the games this week then you can watch them all on LVP UK’s Youtube channel.

By Tom Daniels


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