Bulldog’s Support Daejin: “Barrage is definitely a team that we are looking to beat.”

A new week means a new tournament in the UKLC. After exceL UK’s loss to Fnatic Rising, a new academy side sits on top of the tower going into week three.

Sides like Diabolus are showing audiences that it’s not just the LEC organisations to be feared. However, some sides such as Bulldog Esports have failed make an impact thus far this split.

Could this be set to change though as they face Barrage on Wednesday, another side who are sitting on zero points. According to their support Daejin, a victory against Barrage seems very likely.

The support is confident that his side can be victorious on Wednesday.

He says: “Barrage is definitely a team that we are looking to beat with regards to where we want to see ourselves in terms of power levels. Showing that we can come out on top against the likes of Barrage, Phelan, Enclave, and Darkspawn is the goal for me,”

“Barrage haven’t looked so hot in their games, arguably having lost against a weaker opponent. Whereas I felt like our early game in particular looked good against Diabolus last week. So, we hope to catch them still in recovery from last week’s game and take the win.”

The support seems confident of a victory after their encounter with Diabolus. Nevertheless, he understands that their performances on the rift have not been on par with their expectations. Even so, the German expects results to change when his side adapts to life with their new coach Gofio.

It’s all about, you know, finding our groove as a team and just getting better at working together and being on the same page. So, that’s really what we are doing at the moment, to get everyone on the same page and implement our coach’s directions and then improve from there.


When asked about specifically how he believes his side can improve on the rift, Daejin talked about one key factor. Momentum during games.

For us it’s mostly to focus on being decisive with the leads that we are getting in the early game, and snowball it into a position where we don’t give the win away in the mid-game, but instead decisively close the game,”

“Against MnM (Week One) we did well in the first 16 minutes and then gave the game away due to a bad dive in the bot-lane. Against Diabolus (Week Two) we did even better in the first 14 minutes, but then we weren’t decisive enough to push our advantages into the mid-game and that’s where they were able to take over.

The players in the side clearly know their problems during the matches. So, it’s up to them and their coaching staff to eliminate those issues if they want to make an impact in the league. Their match-up against Barrage is their opportunity to show the fan-base what this Bulldogs line up is capable of.

While Barrage Vs Bulldogs may not have been the first game on your watch list this Wednesday, there is a lot of pride at stake in this game. Expect two sides giving it their all as they look to claim a first victory. At this stage of the season, this could be the turning point that either side needs.

Don’t forget to watch all of the UKLC action! Starting this Wednesday at 6pm on Twitch.

By Tom Daniels


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