Enclave’s Top Laner Governor: “It’s our chance to set ourselves apart.”

Enclave Gaming‘s run in the UKLC has been a rocky two weeks. Nobody really knows where to place this team, in terms of roster strength.

In one hand you see a team which is 0-2. On the other hand, you take into account that those losses were to academy sides. Against DarkSpawn this week, we will finally see just where Enclave fit in this league.

Enclaves top laner is looking to push on from their two defeats.

Enclave’s top laner Governor knows that their match-up against DarkSpawn is a crucial game to turn their season around.

He says: “It’s very important, it’s our chance to set ourselves apart from the bottom tier,

Yeah, it was a very uphill battle (facing Fnatic Rising and exceL UK), but it’s allowed us to keep aspects of our play hidden. It’s a relief that we likely don’t have to play them day one anymore, and we’ll aim to not concede any round 1 games for the rest of tournament.

Despite their less than impressive record, the player still holds his team in high regard. Wednesday’s game against DarkSpawn is his sides chance to use some of those hidden tactics to their advantage. Enclave and Governor are looking forward to facing the academy sides again especially when his team have ironed out a few issues in their play style.

“As a team, we’re looking to use our early leads in a more effective way and close out early,” says the top laner.

“We’ll look to push our team to the finals on day two and be established as a top-four contender.”


600px-Enclave_Gaming_logoThe Brit has played in the Forge of Champions and ESL Premiership so far in his career. With the later being replaced by the UKLC, this will be the third format he has played in competitively. Overall, Governor is quite pleased with how LVP UK have structured this relatively unique format this year.


He explains: “LVP  are trying new things across the board for the UKLC which is great and I have faith that they’ll stick with what’s good and ditch what’s not.”

Nevertheless, he does worry about the possibility of the academy sides dominating in this format. Still, only time will tell if the academy sides will reign supreme. By the players confidence in his side, exceL and Fnatic may be toppled by Enclave sooner rather than later.

Before Enclave can look at getting revenge on the academy teams, all eyes must be towards DarkSpawn who are not an easy side to beat. Barrage underestimated them and paid for it. If the organisation doesn’t focus on this side then DarkSpawn could pick up another victory.

Enclave have ambitions of finishing in the top four. Hopefully, they can prove their quality and give the LEC organisations and possibly Diabolus, another threat to worry about.

Don’t forget to tune into LVP UK’s twitch channel this Wednesday at 6pm to watch all the action unfold live!

By Tom Daniels


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