Bulldogs’ Debutant TheKat: “This is the biggest tournament I have played in.”

It’s only a few hours before the UKLC begins it’s fourth tower tournament. A lot of the organisations have now had time to adapt to the new format and this week will give a clear indication as to who the top sides in the league are.

While some sides have changed the way they play, this week Bulldog Esports have yet again shaken up their roster. Saizo is still absent and so Toliam will once again take his top lane mechanics into the jungle. Along with Toliam, TheKat will be making his debut in the UKLC as he replaces Daejin as their support.

TheKat is ready to make a name for himself in the UKLC

With regards to being selected in this weeks line-up, he says: “I am really excited for my UKLC debut as this is the biggest tournament I have played in so far. I am very grateful for getting the chance and I am eager to be able to show up and show I can compete in the UK league,”

I found out I was getting subbed in this weekend after scrims and have been doing my best to spam soloQ and prepare for the coming week.

The man from Lebanon will be keen to impress the audience in their match against DarkSpawn today. Bulldogs have had a rocky three weeks which has left them with zero points in the standings. However, despite his side having to change up their roster yet again, TheKat is confident that his team will pick up their first point of the season.

I am extremely confident in our chances for securing our first victory. I think this is our best chance to get our first point and I am going all out tomorrow. I have had plenty of experience with our AD carry Gould from previous teams and I played in the UK Proving grounds with Toliam. So, I don’t think this sub will affect our synergy too much and I should be able to shotcall us to victory.


Nevertheless, while confident of their side’s victory, the support knows that will have to perform better than they have done this season if they want to be victorious.

He adds: “As a whole, I think Darkspawn are a team who are a similar level to us. In particular, I think Rafa (PFI) has shown up this tournament and Akkers is a really solid top laner.”

Bulldogs play DarkSpawn tonight at 10pm GMT. The result of this tie has a massive impact on how both organisations will perform for the remainder of the split. Can the underdogs claim their first victory with the new debutant? Or will DarkSpawn rally up and mount a challenge for a playoff spot?

Don’t forget to tune into the UKLC tonight at 6pm live on Twitch!

By Tom Daniels


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