MnM’s Top Laner Mumus100: “The league is definitely more competitive than I expected.”

After a remarkable tournament concluded last Thursday, week five of the UKLC has a lot to live up to.

This time it’s Diabolus who will be holding the tower hostage as the other teams duke it out to become a champion. However, things could have been slightly different. For the first time this split we officially had three tower champions in the space of a week. Fnatic Rising held the mantel for six days before being toppled by MnM Gaming last Wednesday in a finals rematch.

MnM’s dreams then came crashing down as they lost to Diabolus the next day. According to MnM’s top laner Mumus100, it was quite the roller coaster of a tournament.

The top laner is looking for redemption this week.

He says: I have mixed feelings about last week as we had a surprisingly easy game against Fnatic Rising followed by a disappointing loss vs Diabolous in a really crucial game. We overall finished second which I should be happy about but in reality, I feel like we really just gave away that game after some poor decisions from us,”

“I am definitely not happy with my performance last week. I died around four times for no reason in two games and showed some misplays which I am looking to avoid doing next week. Fortunately, my superstar team was able to cover up my mistakes and none of my silly deaths ended up changing the outcome of the game.”

All eyes will be on the organisation later today as they look to bounce back and once again become a tower champion. Nevertheless, they are not the only challengers this week, as Fnatic Rising and exceL UK are starting at the bottom of the tower yet again. This may come as a surprise to many who believed that the LEC academy teams were the heavy favourites in the UKLC.

Mumus has always believed in the ability of his side throughout the season, still, even he didn’t realise how driven every team in the league would be.


I had no doubt that we were going to take games off of Fnatic Rising and Excel UK as our goal as a team was to get to EU Masters from the beginning. Diabolus is proving to be a great opponent and Enclave is showing glimpses of hope as well. The league is definitely more competitive than I expected.” Says the top laner.


Having tasted success already this split. The Hungarian is looking to become a two-time tower champion as soon as possible.

It felt really good to become the tower champion for once. Watching all the peasants duke it out and you are just watching from your throne enjoying the show. It’s all fun until one of them inevitably ends up challenging you and smashing you with a huge boulder and killing you. I would like to experience the first part at least one more time during this split. Hopefully anyway…

As of right now, MnM is the only team to beat both exceL UK and Fnatic Rising. This must give the side confidence going into a tournament that features both of those sides in the knockouts this week. But first, to get the opportunity to face the academy sides, they must beat Enclave, who themselves have had a resurgence as of late.

So, the battle lines have been drawn. Diabolus watch from above as they scout their next challenger. Will MnM prevail? Will a new challenger be named? Or will Excel and Fnatic rise back to the top?

Tune into the UKLC tonight at 6pm live on Twitch!

By Tom Daniels



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