Phelan Gaming’s Support Snuggli: “I’m glad we drew MnM”

Week five of the UKLC continues today at 6pm and with no surprising results, it sees MnM, Phelan, exceL UK and Fnatic Rising all battling it out to face Diabolus.

Phelan Gaming are seen by many as the underdogs in today’s match-ups. However, according to their support Snuggli, he is confident that his side can be victorious against the Marshmallows.

The support is looking to impress against MnM Gaming

He says: “I’m glad we drew MnM first. It gives us an easy point before we go against the winner of the exceL UK vs Fnatic Rising game.

Nevertheless, the support knows that they will have to be at their best if they want to beat either Fnatic or exceL.

He adds: “I think we’re always going to be the underdogs vs the two academy teams. Even with Fnatic and exceL both dropping games last week in the first round, those games were definitely upsets and I don’t think either team went away feeling happy with their play,

I’m excited to play against either Prosfair or KaSing for the first time this season so fingers crossed Pad and his collection of marshmallows don’t get in the way of that!

Snuggli is coming off the back of a stand-out performance in his sides last match against Bulldog Esports. His unlikely selection of Gragas spurred his side to victory and gave the Brit his first MVP of the split. Although, he wasn’t as boastful when asked about his performance.


I think it was a standout performance from all of my team! My support pool got pinched quite a bit in the game (Against Bulldogs) with Thresh, Alistar, Braum and Galio and Jarvan all being off the table. So, it was nice to be able to bust out the Gragas. I’m always more than happy to play these funky slightly off-meta supports,”


“I felt our game against Bulldogs was pretty clean. In practice this week we have been focusing on our objective control, especially early, and  in this game we secured every neutral objective in the game. We definitely had a few mechanical misplays across the board which slowed the game down but in the end I’m pretty happy with how the game played out.”

Throughout this tournament we have seen many organisations grow and develop into play-off contending sides. Many thought that exceL UK and Fnatic Rising would be the sole contenders for the UKLC title. But, as each tournament passes, a new challenger seems to be emerging each week. The question is, are Phelan a new play-off contender in the making?

Snuggli answers this by saying: “On paper we’re a strong roster and, in my opinion at least, we are a contender for top four. Whether or not we have been playing up to that level so far is debatable. But, I’m hoping we can take some more points tonight and get some more wins in the following weeks to end the season strong,

I think every team is improving, especially some teams like Barrage and Diabolus who have really impressed me with how fast they’ve been improving each week.

While all eyes may be on the current top four. Maybe people should begin to expect Phelan Gaming to start challenging for a play-off place. The one thing that the tournament format has delivered on is its unpredictability. So, could the wolves be the firth team to hold a tower championship in only five weeks?

Don’t forget to tune into the conclusion of the UKLC’s fifth tower tournament today at 6pm!


By Tom Daniels



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