Diabolus’ ADC Yusa: “Everyone on the team has aspirations to finish first in the league”

As a new week approaches, the landscape of the UKLC is becoming clearer and clearer. With Diabolus, exceL UK, Fnatic Rising and MnM Gaming starting to gain a significant lead over the rest of the league, it is almost certain that we have our four playoff sides.

However, there are still two more towers left to go and a result from any side in the league could create an interesting conclusion to the regular season. One thing that remained the same this week was Diabolus’ reign at top of the tower. Fnatic Rising couldn’t secure the victory in the late game as the demons came from behind to successfully defend their tower for now.

After the game, Diabolus’ Yusa opened up about how he felt the game went.

The ADC helped his side to a closely contested tower championship last Thursday.

He said: “I think the game didn’t go as we wanted to early, it was clear Fnatic were setting the pace for the early-game and the early-game is one of our weaker points. We realised we were behind and so had to trade for every objective,”

“We just needed to stall and wait for them to make that crucial mistake, because I believed our team really out scaled their comp, especially with Yorick and Cassiopeia. So, once we caught up in gold, there was just no way Fnatic were ever going to win a front-to-back teamfight.

This result puts Diabolus level on points with Fnatic Rising in first, meaning that their rematch on Wednesday will not only be for the tower, but for sole representation at the top of the league. Nevertheless, despite many fans believing in Yusa’s side, he is still quite shocked that they are now considered one of the favourites.

I always thought that with the support and funding the two academy teams have and the practice they are able to put in, it’s only reasonable to think that they would have a significant advantage. But, if anything, this only makes it sweeter to beat them, and it proves that hard work pays off. I think everyone on the team has aspirations to finish first in the league, but I don’t think anyone thought we would be the favourites from the get-go,”


600px-Diabolus_Esportslogo_squareI’d have to give a big shout-out to our coach ‘iHansen‘. It’s been really amazing to work with him and I’ve definitely learnt more in the past three months working with him than the half year I’ve had since I started playing competitive league last summer. Hansen is able to push each player significantly, motivating us to attain our goals and setting a standard for us to achieve each game, I believe the work he puts in resonates with each player, as we want to give back to him and show him that the work he puts in is worth it.”


It’s no hidden secret that the players in the Diabolus line-up have ambitions to not only make it to EU Masters but to also make a name for themselves around Europe. For the ADC, that ambition is no different.

I made it my personal long term objective when I joined Diabolus to become the best I can be, and that means becoming one of the best ADC’s in the UK,” said Yusa.

“I would like to stand out as a player who can stand on the same steps as Innaxe and xMatty.

Diabolus have the whole UK scene in their hands. However, with Fnatic continuing to develop. Which team will end next week holding on to the title?

Don’t forget to tune into the UKLC this Wednesday at 6pm live on Twitch!


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