DarkSpawn’s new assistant coach Richard: “I love working with serious people in a competitive setting”

As teams are preparing for the penultimate tower this Wednesday in the UKLC. DarkSpawn Gaming have decided that their best course of action is to bring in another coach in an attempt to change their side’s fortunes.

DarkSpawn’s new assistant coach, Richard, could not wait to express the delight of joining the organisation.

He said: “I’m looking forward a lot to the rest of this split and the coming split as I love working with serious people in a competitive setting,

What I bring to DarkSpawn is a deep understanding of the game that I combine with my experience as a teacher, to create an educational atmosphere where the players can learn as fast as possible, but while not missing out on the basics.

Richard currently joins the side who have struggled as of late, only collecting one point this split. However, given Richards experience with coaching individual players, he will certainly be an asset to the team.

One thing that should be stated is that Zvir‘s job as head coach will still remain intact. The new coach is there to enhance both of their skills, Richard explained.

I started talking with Zvir and we agreed to go forward with me as a part of the team,” said the coach.

I’ll be working very closely with Zvir to compliment his coaching with the things that I have experience with and I will coach the players on an individual level.

The Swede will be hoping that his knowledge of the game and coaching abilities will not only help DarkSpawn in the short term. But, prepare the side for next splits Forge Of Champions. The tournament will feature all the UKLC teams along with four other sides through an open tournament. The goals at the end of this season will be for DarkSpawn to avoid relegation, a topic that Richard was keen to emphasise.


My current goal is to stay in the UKLC (next year) and not get relegated. We don’t have any expectations, just that we are strong enough to stay out of relegation.” 

It seems that organisations are not just thinking about the UKLC or even Forge of Champions, but survival in the UK scene all together. DarkSpawn’s acquisition shows that they intend to stay in the LVP UK system for as long as they can, stabilising themselves in this challenging environment.

Richard first game as their new assistant coach will be on Wednesday against Phelan Gaming, a side that the organisation could defeat if they are prepared. Zvir is likely prepping his side with Richard, ensuring that for the Swede’s first game, he can boast a 100% winning record.

Follow DarkSpawn’s journey tomorrow as they face the wolves in the UKLC live on twitch at 6pm!

By Tom Daniels


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