Enclave’s Jungler Wysek: “It’s win or go home”

Today marks the penultimate tower tournament for the UKLC. MnM, Fnatic Rising, exceL UK and Diabolus will be looking to further their lead ahead of the rest of the pack. Whereas, some teams such as Enclave Gaming will be hoping to take this regular season to a dramatic conclusion.

Enclave’s Jungler, Wysek, believes that their match up against Barrage is the sides last opportunity to try and catch the frontrunners. Currently Enclave are six points off 4th place exceL UK.

The Jungler is prepare to lay it all on the line in tonight’s match.

He says: “It’s win or go home. If we want to achieve playoffs and EU masters. We need to show up and just smash our opponents in the last two weeks,

We fixed a lot of issues that we had (last week) but still something new can pop off. We are well prepared against Barrage and I think its gonna end up like the last battle against them. I’m pretty confident going into that match.

Enclave have been the team that has constantly impressed their viewers every tournament. However, they have yet to pick up a title this split and are at risk of being left out of the playoffs, unless they win at least one of the remaining tower titles.

Nevertheless, the Jungler has faith in his side to overcome their trophy drought and push into the top four.



Either we are gonna stomp both tournaments and get into playoffs or we gonna be a middle-tier team who had a chance to show up good against better players and impress everyone.” Says the Pole.


Even so, Wysek understands that their side must remain grounded if they are to succeed in their goal of reaching EU Masters. Enclave have had a challenging road this split, facing Fnatic Rising and exceL UK numerous times. Still, according to their jungler, this has helped their side grow and this is why confidence in their ability is so high.

The UKLC and all the Tower Champion weeks were pretty decent for us, but I can’t talk really about that. If we were the best team in UK we would destroy everyone already and be at the top. But, we just needed better practice against stronger teams. If we won’t make it, we gonna still show that we are a really good team and we are gonna still improve to win upcoming tournaments.”

Both Barrage and Enclave will be hungry to provide competition for the playoff places as the UKLC comes to a close. Out of all the match-ups this week, this clash is the most must-see because it has everything on the line. Either winner could make one last push into the top four and considering the shocks that have already occurred in the UKLC, the possibility is quite likely.

Don’t forget to tune into the UKLC tonight at 6pm live on Twitch!

By Tom Daniels


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