MnM’s head coach Pad: “It’s do or die time”

After a fascinating day one of the UKLC’s sixth tower tournament. Expect matches to get even better as Phelan, exceL, MnM and Enclave progressed to the semi-finals. Yesterday provided some of the best games of the split so far. From exceL UK’s comeback against a resilient Bulldogs to MnM Gaming’s closely contested battle against Fnatic Rising.

The Marshmallo’s outstanding win against the LEC academy side has opened up a multitude of possibilities in the playoff race. MnM’s head coach Pad analyses how he felt the game for his side went.

The head coach was confident his side could pull off the victory against Fnatic Rising.

I will be honest and say that early game was flawed and didn’t go according to our gameplan. However, we’ve seen that Fnatic Rising seems to not be on the same page for the past two/three weeks when they are team fighting. So, I wasn’t too nervous at any point.

The Dane has always been confident in his side and the organisation clearly did their preparation leading up to the huge game. However, MnM was at a disadvantage this week, as the team didn’t know they were facing until Fnatic Rising lost to Diabolus earlier on in the day.

It also doesn’t help when your side predicts the wrong team to win, as Pad explains: “We expected the Fnatic Rising vs Diabolus match to be 60/40% in Fnatics favour. It’s always hard to prepare for two opponents at the same time. Luckily today we had many hours after the first game to prepare, so we could prep for one team at the time.

Still, despite not knowing their opponents the team once against impressed and secured a dramatic victory. All eyes will now be on today’s opponents Phelan Gaming, who beat DarkSpawn in their round of eight match.

The clash has a lot of significance for MnM’s head coach as he faces one of his former players from his time at GG Esport, adding more of an incentive to beat the Wolves.



He says: “I always love drawing Phelan, not because they are a bad team, but because I get to play versus Achuu my former ADC and good friend in real life. It always makes the games extra special for me.


The team’s main aim for the remainder of the split is to finish at the top of the standings for the regular season. To do that they must make it to the final and dethrone Diabolus, the most in-form side in the league. Pad is aware that it’s now or never as the UKLC is slowly coming to a close.

Our ultimate goal is to beat Diabolus this week and then keep the tower next week. It’s do or die time. There is only one way to get first, and it starts with us getting the tower this week!

We have one goal in mind, and to get there we have to beat Phelan, so I say we start there.

As the race for first place comes to a climatic ending, it’s important to note that at this stage of the season everything is still on the line. With relegation looming the bottom sides and Enclave’s push for a playoff spot continuing. Every side must perform if they want to reach their expectations.

Don’t forget to tune into the UKLC today at 6pm live on Twitch!

By Tom Daniels


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