Bulldogs’ Top Laner Toliam: “We’re looking to win and remain out of relegations”

Today marks the end of the regular season for the UKLC. As with every other tournament, the round of eight match-ups will be played today, with the tournament concluding tomorrow.

The play-off sides have already been decided so, it’s time to look at the bottom of the table as four teams fight for their survival. The bottom two sides of the UKLC will be entered into a promotion/relegation play-off and so many organisations will be wanting to make one last-ditch attempt to work their way up the standings.

One side that will want to make a statement is Bulldog Esports. They currently sit joint last having won only one game so far this season. Toliam, who predominantly plays top but has been used as a jungler throughout the tournament, knows that their next game (or games) means everything, as they fight to stay in the UKLC.


He says: “It is crucial that not only do we get one win this tower, but two. You could argue that the game vs Enclave isn’t that crucial, because the second match would likely be harder. We would lose the head to head in points against barrage (if we just beat Enclave), so we need to remain a point higher. Either way, we’re looking to win and remain out of relegations.


Toliam’s side will need to perform above expectations if they are to avoid relegation, with a semi-final spot their minimum requirement this tower. Nevertheless, last week’s performance against exceL UK (albeit in a losing effort) should provide some Bulldog fans with confidence. It seems that after six weeks the organisation was able to fully commit to a starting line-up and as of right now, no changes are expected to be made.

The top laner adds: “It was the first week we were able to put out a complete roster, so I think we didn’t need to find the right balance, more so not be plagued by external issues so we can play together on match day. Once we were finally able to play, we clicked, and it’s been uphill ever since. It’s nice to be able to look ahead now without having to worry about non-game related issues,”

Due to outside factors our main jungler was unavailable, and I’ve had a lot of previous experience jungling competitively, as well as having close friends who helped me. It made more sense to have me jungle, and Egospeed play top lane than the other way around.

With all those problems seemingly behind the organisation, all attention will be on their game against Enclave today. The Englishman believes that as long as his side performs to their own ability then they should come out with the victory. Also, Toliam has the added skill of playing ‘non-meta’ champions to reasonable success in the league. No greater example was his brilliant performance with Illaoi against exceL UK.

The top laner will be going head to head with Governor, a player who has been a consistent part of Enclave’s wins this split. Even so, Toliam believes he has what it takes to bring down the former Barrage player.

I don’t really know what to expect (with Governor). I played against him twice in proving grounds, and those games didn’t reveal much about him. I’d like to say I’m confident laning against him and beating him, but I’m also potentially picking blind into him, as well as having my former coach (Mans) drafting for him. If anything, it would more be on Mans and the macro play, rather than mechanically in the lane.”

All eyes will be on the top lane for this crucial clash. Especially considering it’s more than likely that Toliam will pick another ‘off-meta’ champion. While information regarding draft strategy is generally not shared, and rightfully so, the man from Exeter did leave me with one last comment.

You’re talking to a Singed main.

If you want to see how the game unfolds then don’t forget to watch the UKLC live on twitch tonight at 6pm!

By Tom Daniels



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