Diabolus’ Support Hadow: “We feel confident going into this weekend”

With the regular season behind us, all eyes are on the play-offs and who will be crowned UKLC champion.

One of the favourites for the title are Diabolus Esports. The side finished the regular season first, claiming two tower championships on their way.

Their support, Hadow, has confidence in his teams ability to go further than first in the standings. The side was created to challenge for the UKLC title and the players want to become the first organisation to win the tournament.

Hadow has faith in himself, his coach and his team as they face MnM Gaming.

We feel confident going into this weekend. We have prepped hard this week focusing mostly on playoffs and testing some picks that we may or may not pull out or save for EU Masters depending how spicy our mastermind coach iHansen feels on the day.” Said the support.

Diabolus are in a precarious position as they don’t need to win the UKLC to go to EU Masters, due to them finishing top in the regular season. However, if they can win the tournament then they will be given a group stage spot instead of playing through the play offs. This incentive will clearly motivate Hadow and his team to perform this weekend.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the Lithuanian’s first experience in high pressure match-ups having played in the ESL Premiership in 2018 for Diabolus and the Forge of Champions Grand Finals with Enclave.

Personally I don’t feel any pressure since I’ve been in this spot before although I know that my team is relatively on the ‘low experience’ side. Nevertheless, with me leading the team and my coach (iHansen) smurfing the draft I do believe we will be able to show off how we play League of Legends and secure the groups spot. The EU Masters play-ins this year is looking to be heavily stacked with talent compared to the competition in the UK so securing the #1 seed in UK and going straight to groups would be ideal.”


The Demons’ first challenge will be defeating their opponents MnM Gaming this Saturday. With both sides avoiding the LEC sister teams, this provides the organisations with a great opportunity of making it to the final. According to Hadow, he is looking forward to facing the Marshmallows yet again.


Out of the three playoffs teams, we definitely preferred and consider MnM the weakest due to them misplaying early game and relying on Monks Kog’maw to ‘cheat’ wins. I think I heard that they also prefer us over the other two teams so it seems that both sides got who they wish to play. But I don’t think they will like the end result as we plan to 2-0 them swiftly.” Said the player.

Both of these sides play a very bottom focused style of game, with emphasis on the their two carries Monk and Yusa. Still, behind every good ADC is a solid support and the Diabolus player wants to prove that he is the best in this match-up against Shogun.

Shogun is a nice guy so I don’t want to trash talk him too much but, I consider myself better player with better understanding of the game and a larger champion pool, including years of experience in competitive games. If that’s not enough, I have superstar rookie of the last split Yusa to lane the kingdom with me.

The ever growing war between demons and ninja’s continues to develop. In the end though, only one team will make it to the finals in their bid to become the UKLC champion.

Tune into the LVP UK’S twitch channel at 10am on Saturday as all the action starts to unfold!

By Tom Daniels


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