MnM’s ADC Monk: “I came here to go to EU Masters”

It’s less than 24 hours before the play-offs begin. Fnatic Rising, MnM, Diabolus and exceL UK are all hungry to become the first UKLC champion.

Perhaps the team that has the biggest odds to defy is MnM Gaming. The side finished fourth in the overall standings and they are as unpredictable as they come. Some times they can destroy their competition, leading to a tower championship. Whereas on other occasions they have been beaten heavily.

The Marshmallows are the definition of an underdog, which makes their tie against top of the table Diabolus a must-see.  The organisations ADC Monk believes that while people perceive them as the weakest, they will change peoples opinions by the end of the weekend.

The ADC is ready to prove people wrong.

Our team might be looked as an underdog but I came here to go to EU Masters and that’s what I am going to do,” said the AD Carry.

I think we will win against Diabolus either 2-0 or 2-1 if something goes wrong we might drop a game.

One factor that may play a part in MnM’s game vs the Demons could be Diabolus’ automatic qualification to EU Masters. Despite Diabolus’ support Hadow already saying that this will play no part in the game, mentally it may effect the players. Nevertheless, Monk states that it doesn’t mater if they are occupied by EU Masters or not. The result will remain the same.

That (Diabolus’ automatic qualification) might affect them but it will have no effect on the outcome as we will be victorious no matter what.”


Another MnM player who is also confident in his sides ability is their mid laner Chibs who simple said to me: “Since I’m a rookie I’m pleased with how far my team have come. I think we can easily beat Diabolus, I’m more worried about the other two teams. It would be good if we win the playoffs and go to EU Masters.


It seems like every MnM member is confident of their own ability and will be looking to prove people wrong when their side steps onto the rift. Both sides prioritise the bot side of the map as they are occupied by their star players Monk and Yusa. This match-up is likely to be fast paced and while Diabolus claimed the regular season title, in a best of three everything can change. Will Diabolus’ dominance continue in the play-offs? Will MnM get their hands on the Kog’Maw? And how will either of these teams fare against Fnatic Rising or exceL UK?  Only time will tell and luckily for everybody, there isn’t a lot of time left.

Make sure you tune into the UKLC tomorrow at 10am on twitch to find out who will be victorious!

By Tom Daniels


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