Team-LDLC’s ADC Comp: “My personal goal is to win it all.”

With the conclusion of the play-ins, all the teams have been announced for this splits European Masters. Unlike most seasons, this year EU Masters has a wide range of competitors from super teams to LEC influencers.

Nevertheless, the team that many people consider one of the favourites for the crown is the French champions Team-LDLC. The side, coached by former Fnatic player YellOwStaR, have been on a mission to succeed this year and so far they have not disappointed.

After finishing first in the regular season and in the playoffs, this organisation is looking to win it all. For those who haven’t seen Team-LDLC play, their ADC, Comp, explains why they have been so successful.

The marksman has faith that his sides playstyle can lead them to victory.

He says: “I would probably describe it (our style of play) as a stable and low-risk playstyle. We are always sure of what we want to do from the first minute we are in the game till the last one. It’s really rare that you will see us taking a high risk as a team, we know it could cost us the game or our lead.

This will be Comps second time at EU Masters, having lost out in the play-ins with Team-LDLC last year. However, this split they are stronger than ever before with the likes of Djoko, Steeelback and Eika (three former EU LCS players) included in the line-up. The ADC will be hoping that this roster can guide the French team to victory.


To be honest I think this current team is probably the best I have been on ever since today. They are good players willing to do everything to win and also three of them used to be in the EU LCS so they have more experience.

The Greek national knows that their journey will be tough, still, with the experience his teammates offer, the high-pressure situations should be something most of these players strive on. Confidence is key when going into a major tournament, without confidence in your own ability you cannot perform to the goals you are expected to deliver. Tenacity and desire are qualities that are certainly not lacking from the marksman.

Thinking that we are the favourites is always a boost in confidence and a positive mindset going into the games,

My personal goal is to win it all and show that I’m the best in my role outside of LEC.” Said the former Greek Regenesis Esports player.

So, it seems that Team-LDLC have laid down the challenge to defeat them. The question is, will anybody step up and conquer the French giants?

Every team in the tournament will be determined to prove their worth. With a chance to be in the spotlight and also a €150K prize pool, all of the organisations involved will be aiming to be victorious.

By Tom Daniels


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