Newcastle Jaguars’ Team Manager EllGriff: “This roster was built to compete against the UKLC teams.”

EU Masters is well underway. However, for some teams, they have other events to look forward to.

The Newcastle Jaguars are among a multitude of organisations fighting it out in the Forge of Champions open tournament. The best sides in the open brackets will advance to Forge of Champions, whilst also competing for a spot in the UKLC next season.

EllGriff was Phelan Gaming’s assistant manager in the UKLC this split. However, after much thought, he decided that his next venture should be joining the Jaguars, in an attempt to help them win the open tournament.

yRN1XNlc_400x400.jpgHe says: “I made the move because I wanted to make the jump from assistant to manager. I’ve also got a great relationship with Restless and that was a big factor as to why I moved.”

It seems that the Brit no longer wants to be a supporting cast member and the Jaguars offered him the opportunity to run the show. This included being involved with their team selection for the upcoming season.

“In the building of the team, the coach and I worked very closely to determine which players were best suited for our team. I’d say we both had an equal part in the building of the squad,”

“We choose this roster as I believe they are strong enough to compete in the UKLC. Individually they’re very talented so putting them together, they have the potential to be promoted to the UKLC.”

Gaining promotion will be the ultimate goal for EllGriff and the Jaguars for the remainder of this season. They certainly have got the roster to match those ambitions. The line-up of  Khomzar, Ethug, Chemera, Fuyu and Lofticus is one of the strongest squads going into this year’s open tournament. Hence why they themselves know that they are considered the front runner to make it to Forge of Champions.

“Our expectations are that we will be promoted to the UKLC,”

“I think it’s fair to say we’re the favourites. We’ve got a great roster. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take anyone for granted and we must treat everyone with the same respect,”

“This roster was built to compete against the UKLC teams and I fully believe they are capable!

EllGriff’s men will be paying little attention to the EU Masters this split. However, the Jaguars will have dreams and ambitions of one day making it to one of Europes biggest League of Legends competitions. But, first up they have to focus and secure their spot in the UKLC and in Forge of Champions. Only time will tell if their expectation, becomes a reality.

By Tom Daniels.


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