BIG’s Head Coach Arvindir: “I see ourselves as third best team going in.”

All eyes will be on the LEC and LCS this weekend. Nevertheless, the sides who have qualified for the European Masters will be certainly putting their attention into practices’ and preparation for the tournament next week.

Berlin International Gaming (or BIG for short) is a German side looking to proudly represent their region alongside SK Gaming Prime. Both organisations have kept it no secret that they want to show Europe how strong the German scene is, and EU Masters offers the perfect opportunity to showcase that.

BIG’s head coach Arvindir cannot wait to unleash his side next week. He has a strong belief in his team’s strength as a unit and according to the former EURONICS man, the sky is the limit for this organisation.

Berlin Internation Gaming considers themselves one of the front runners for EU Masters this year.

He says: “The realistic goal for us should be top four. If we don’t have slip-ups in the BO1 group stage then we have the chance to take it all. I think the top two teams are Team-LDLC and Rogue. But, I see ourselves as the third best team going in,

“I am feeling confident and hyped (for EU Masters) after watching play-ins. we really wanna get on the rift!”

Arvindir will be relieved that his side has arguably been put in one of the easier groups in the tournament. BIG will go up against Future Perfect WLG, Random 5 and Ventus Esports and the side are seen as the heavy favourites to qualify to the next stage. While the head coach is undoubtedly happy with the draw, even he knows that his line-up will need to concentrate and deliver the results.


We got a pretty lucky group draw but it’s a very dangerous format where you can’t underestimate any opponent in a BO1,

EU Masters is the goal for the season so the pressure is definitely on, especially after SK Primes run in play-ins. It’s on us to prove now that we are a deserved first seed.

The team will be hoping that they can bring their aggressive play style to the tournament. With a mixture of EU LCS experience (WhiteKnight and SirNukesAlot) alongside three hungry players looking to make a statement, this team should not be taken lightly.

It’s expected that BIG make it out of the group stages with ease. The real challenge will occur in the knockouts. Long gone is the side that lost to Movistar Riders in the 2018 spring play-ins. This year the German team has made it to the main event and they are ultimately looking to make a statement.

Don’t forget to tune into EU Masters which starts this Monday!

By Tom Daniels


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