Fnatic Rising’s top laner Shikari: “We will either win the whole thing or go out in groups.”

With the conclusion of the LEC and LCS, it can only mean one thing. That the European Masters is officially underway. Sixteen of the best sides around Europe, all representing their region, with the hope to be crowned Spring Split champion.

This year there is no frontrunner. Most sides are confident that they can take the trophy back to their country. However, one side has other teams slightly worried. That’s Fnatic Rising.

The UKLC champions will be keen to prove their worth on the European Stage. Given the fact many people consider the UK scene to be one of the weaker regions, this is Fnatic’s chance to prove the doubters wrong. The team’s top laner, Shikari, believes that it’s all or nothing when it comes to their goals in the tournament.

The top laner is proud to be representing Fnatic in the European Masters.

He says: “I think we will either win the whole thing or go out in groups. I believe if we play at the level I know we are capable of then there is no reason why we should not take the whole tournament,

My personal goal for the tournament is, win or lose, to play well enough that I can be proud of my performance. I think I played really bad in all my previous EU Masters games and I want to show the viewers outside of the UK scene what I’m truly capable of.”

Shikari knows that an impressive performance at EU Masters offers opportunities. Whether that be showing his worth to Fnatic or impressing other European organisations, results mean everything. The pressure is normally off Shikari’s side given their participation in the UKLC and FoC. But, this season the four-time UK champion will be flying under the banner of one of Europes’ most successful organisations.


The UK scene is one of the weaker national leagues and a lot of viewers are probably not expecting much from us at EUM because we’re a UK team. If anything it reduces the pressure.

On the other hand, I would say representing Fnatic does add a lot of pressure, Fnatic are the largest and most successful org in Europe. They have such a rich history in League of Legends, that anything other than winning the entire tournament would feel like a failure, at least to me it would feel that way.”

Fnatic Risings’ goal of winning the European Masters will not be easy. The British team have been drawn in a group that involves Misfits Premier and Rogue Esports Club (two of the toughest sides in the competition). Nevertheless, the top laner feels that for his team to be considered the best, they must beat the best. It just so happens that some of the tougher organisations have come sooner rather than later.

Honestly I’m pretty happy that we have Rogue Esports club and Misfits Premier in our group. If we’re wanting to win EU Masters then we’re gonna have to beat Rogue/Misfits eventually anyway, might as well do it straight away. Also, I’m excited to play against Finn (the top laner for Rogue Esports Club) and Dan Dan (the top laner for Misfits Premier). I love playing against good players and I think these two are among the best top laners outside of LEC.”

The whole of the United Kingdom will be cheering on Fnatic Rising as they look to conquer the other regions. With the European Masters finals being held in Leicester, this should give the men in orange more motivation to succeed and represent their region.

Whatever happens in the tournament, for the first time since EU Masters began the UK definitely has a strong chance of taking home the title.

Don’t forget to tune into EU Masters as the main event kicks off today at 5pm live on Twitch!

By Tom Daniels


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