Ventus Esports’ former mid-laner Priskornet: “We represented the Nordic league better than people would have expected.”

So far EU Masters has certainly delivered on its hype. With two sides originally from the play-ins making it to the semi-finals, it shows that any team had a shot of going to Leicester.

One side that surprised spectators the most was Ventus Esports. The Nordic team were seen as one of the weaker line-ups when compared to all the LEC sister teams. However, this perception quickly changed. On Sunday the organisation took Fnatic Rising to match-point and while they weren’t victorious, they definitely defied peoples expectations.

Ventus’  former mid-laner Priskornet believes that his side captained the Nordic scene proudly throughout the competition.



Priskornet was a key player in Ventus Esports’ journey in EU Masters.



He says:  “Overall, I think we represented the Nordic league better than people would have expected us to finish in EU Masters,”

My experience of EU Masters was great, it was professional and a great chance to show what am I capable of, sadly I didn’t perform as well as I hoped for.

The Danish organisation where very close to making it to the offline semi’s in Leicester after narrowly losing to Fnatic Rising 2-1. Despite their courageous effort to take the series to the third game. Priskornet feels that he could have guided his team to the next round.


I am without a doubt happy with my performance in game one against Fnatic Rising. But, I’m pretty disappointed by my performance in game two & Three. I think we could have won 2-0 if we played the game a bit slower.”


Ventus Esports have made the whole Nordic region proud with their performances in the tournament. The hope for the organisation would be that they can continue to develop their brand and make it to EU Masters in the summer. Unfortunately for the side, this will be without Priskornet as he has recently announced his free agency.

For the mid laner, this is not the end, this will only be the beginning. He has the ultimate goal of making it to the LEC and so this will not be the last we hear of him.

Now that EU Masters is over I need to study till late June and shortly after, work hard to get a chance in academy/LEC/LCS in the start of 2020. In order to do so, I will work my heart out to make this possible.

All eyes now turn onto the semi-finals. Fnatic Rising, Misfits Premier, Mad Lions and SK Gaming Prime all have the opportunity to make a name for themselves. Who will come out on top and be seen as the next up and coming side?

By Tom Daniels




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