Misfits Premier’s ADC Neon: “There is a decent chance of us winning the whole thing.”

The road to the finals continues on Saturday as MAD Lions, Misfits Premier, SK Gaming Prime and Fnatic Rising all clash in the Leicester Haymarket Theatre. The reigning champions MAD Lions will be looking to secure a second EU Masters trophy. Still, to do that they must defeat a resilient Misfits Premier , in what will be an epic semi-final clash.

Misfits and MAD Lions had the same route to the offline event. Starting in the play-ins both sides succeeded in proving people wrong, lasting further than their counterparts Team-LDLC and Splyce Vipers.

The French sides ADC Neon believes that now his team has made it to the semi-finals, then they can go all the way and win the competition.

Neon feels that his side can become the first french EU Masters champions.

He says: “Making it to offline EU Masters is very nice and I’m feeling very comfortable to face MAD Lions in semi-finals. I’m fairly confident, that on a good day, we can put up a good fight and even win it all.

Many where doubting Misfits Premier’s ability going into the group stage of the competition. In the play-ins they had to battle for their spot to be in the competition, beating UK side Diabolus in the play-in knockouts to qualify. However, as every game goes by, the French organisation seem to be getting stronger and stronger. The 19-year-old explains that the reason for this is simple, preparation was hard to come by.

We had two scrim blocks during the whole of EU masters, so our options for champion compositions were very limited, hence we tried to go for cheesy comps that could surprise in a best of one.


Spectators have been able to see Misfits’ improvement with every game. This cumulated in their quarter-final victory over BIG that solidified them as contenders for the EU Masters crown.

With regards to the BIG series, the ADC confidently says: “The BIG series was very entertaining and intensive. In the end, we knew we were better and we showed it.

The LEC sister team have gone from one of the outsiders to a legitimate threat throughout the competition. Nevertheless, they face their toughest challenge yet, a MAD Lions side looking to prove that they are as strong as the line-up that won EU Masters last split.

Don’t forget to tune in to the EU Masters semi-finals live on Twitch this Saturday. Or you can still watch all the action unfold live and in person by booking your tickets now!

By Tom Daniels


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