Bulldog Esports’ Top Laner EgoSpeed: “We all have the same goal, to impress and regain our spot in the UKLC.”

Every organisation competing in the Forge of Champions tournament has a goal in mind. For the wild-cards, it’s to show the scene how good they are. Whereas for sides like exceL UK and Diabolus, it’s to compete against Fnatic Rising.

Though, for Bulldog Esports, Forge of Champions offers the team a second chance at rebuilding their roster for the upcoming promotion/relegation tournament. The teams top laner EgoSpeed explains that while progressing in the competition is important for the side, the advantage to Forge of Champions is that they can scout their future promotion opponents.


The top laner is looking forward to seeing some of the wild cards in action.

He says: “Forge allows us to see the competition before we get to the relegation tournament. This will give us a huge advantage as we have a very good staff team to make sure we will be 100% prepared for the games coming into it.”

It was well documented that Bulldog Esports had some issues securing a consistent line-up. However, it seems that the organisation have found a permanent roster. The side have picked up jungler Qenal and ADC Cokey to bolster their side. EgoSpeed feels that these new additions can help Bulldogs secure a place in the UKLC.


220px-Bulldog_Esportslogo_square.pngOur old roster had a lot of hiccups with schedules as players had time booked off during certain periods as well as personal issues which caused quite a few issues during the split which sadly put us in this situation. Though with our new roster we’ve been scrimming throughout the entirety of April only taking some days off as we all have the same goal, to impress and regain our spot in the UKLC. Nothing else matters at the moment but the victory screen which secures us our spot,


Both Qenal and Cokey provide upgrades to our team in different ways. Qenal is an up an coming player who plays from morning till sunshine, this guy grinds for a living and it shows in his play,”

“Cokey is an unknown player we luckily found through The NUEL who is extremely talented, the guy’s mechanics are incredible for someone who’s really unknown. He can provide a different champ pool as to what Gould can bring to table meaning we can utilise both.

While we may have seen Bulldog Esports in the UKLC, it seems that this side is a completely different threat. If what EgoSpeed believes is true, then expect this roster to surprise a lot of people in the tournament and in the future. Nevertheless, all attention will go into their first match tonight. The team must first face off against Hybrid eSports, a wild-card side looking to shock the system. Both organisations have a point to prove and Forge of Champions is their opportunity to show the world what they can do.

Don’t forget to tune into tonight’s matches live on Twitch at 6pm!

By Tom Daniels


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