Hybrid eSports’ owner Karos: “There are a couple of players which have been under the radar for a long while.”

After another six-game thriller yesterday. Forge of champions’ top bracket ended with Phelan Gaming and Diabolus Esports advancing to the semi-finals.

Today it’s time to introduce four more teams to the competition. Bulldog Esports and Barrage Gaming will be facing off against ‘Looking for an Org’ and a newcomer to the UK League of Legends scene, Hybrid eSports.

Hybrid’s owner Karos explains his decision to create a League of Legends team in the UK despite his organisation being based in Belgium.

He says: “We believe that there are a couple of players which have been under the radar for a long while and three of them were from the UK (Dragdar, Zeikö and The Heathen). As we care about the scene, about the up and coming talent, about the future of these young talents in the UK, we decided to give the LVP Forge of Champions UK a shot. We do also believe that LVP UK will grow and become more interesting in the upcoming months.

Hybrid eSports have a multitude of teams across other games around Europe and America, showing that while their homeland is Belgium, they are open to any country as long as the opportunity is right.

Hybrid have added a bit of British flare to their UK League of Legends logo. 

So, this leads them to Forge of Champions. Every owner has certain expectations to be made and none of the wild-card teams will be happy just being a participant. They came to play and show that they deserve to be in the UKLC next split. The promotion tournament is after Forge of Champions and teams will be wanting to gain some momentum leading to those crucial matches. Karos believes that his side has what it takes to beat Bulldog Esports, sending a message to one of the competitors participating in the promotion/relegation tournament. His eyes right now however, are on the potential tie against exceL UK.

I do have faith in my players, I think they will get through the first round. As for the second round, it will be a tough one, but I’m quite sure that we’ll be able to do something at least. We will work hard and put 200% effort in to make sure that we get the best against exceL UK,


I think it will be tough but I believe that there is always a chance that things could go in our favour.

Still, Hybrid need to beat the Bulldogs if they wish to have their match-up against exceL UK. The UKLC side should not be taken lightly and with their roster being revamped for this competition, they could be a darkhorse in the tournament.

If anything is to go by from the previous Forge of Champions matches, then expect this game to go the distance. Both of these organisations have a point to prove. Will the Bulldogs bite back? or will the newcomers become the first wild-card to advance to the next stage?

Don’t forget to tune into tonight’s matches live on Twitch at 6pm!

By Tom Daniels


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