Diabolus’ ADC Yusa: “It would be nice to go all-the-way.”

Yesterdays Forge of Champions tournament started off with a bang. Not only did we get to see both games go to the third match, but we also saw the wild-cards severely test the UKLC teams. In the end, it was Phelan Gaming and DarkSpawn Gaming who progressed to today’s quarterfinals.

The quarters add Enclave and Diabolus to the mix as they face yesterdays victors. After Diabolus’ exit in EU Masters play-ins, the side will be looking for retribution. Unfortunately for DarkSpawn it may be at their expense.

Diabolus’ ADC Yusa predicts that as long as they stick to the game plan, they should not only beat today’s opponents, but challenge Fnatic Rising for the trophy.


The ADC is looking to help his side to a FoC title.


He says: “I think we will do as expected, and if we’re up to the task, we should easily put aside Darkspawn. It will be exciting though as I don’t believe we have played them before,

It would be nice to go all-the-way and try and see if we could beat Fnatic in a series. It will be sort of a retribution run.”

However, he does continue to say that winning Forge of Champions is not his only priority.

He adds: “But honestly, I’m just looking to improve.

It was recently announced that Yusa might not be a Diabolus player for much longer as he is able to negotiate with other teams for the summer split. While this does not mean that he is guaranteed to leave the side, he will certainly want to finish with Diabolus on a high.

With regards to this, he states: I could very well be staying at Diabolus so the run may not be over yet, but if it is, then I do believe some fireworks will have to be bought.

Despite many players wondering about their future, the Brit believes that the key to a successful career in League of Legends is to make every game count.



I think Forge of Champions is a good chance to show how professional you are, regardless of the stakes, taking games seriously is something not many people do. It’s something I think that is important if you want to become a pro player.



So, even with uncertainty about his next destination, Yusa is ready to deliver on the rift with Diabolus. Nevertheless, DarkSpawn will not make it easy for the side. Although they are the underdogs going into this tie, they have a lot to prove. They will be wanting to gain momentum for their upcoming promotion tournament, which decides if they will remain in the UKLC next split.

Whatever happens, if it’s anything like yesterdays games, then the viewers have every right to be excited.

Don’t forget to tune into tonight’s matches live on Twitch at 6pm!

By Tom Daniels


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