Phelan Gaming’s Top Laner Eragon: “We’ve found more of an identity.”

Forge of Champions gets underway in just a few hours. This will be the first time that people get to see how strong the UKLC sides are in comparison to other organisations in the UK Scene. This is an opportunity for teams to make a statement ahead of the UKLC summer split.

Phelan Gaming knows that while their UKLC status may be safe, a strong showing in Forge of Champions will certainly give them a confidence boost going into the summer campaign. Phelan’s top laner Eragon knows that he must play to his full potential in the competition, as a good showing could lead to some great rewards.



The Top Laner is looking to make an impact in the competition.



He says: “Players are continuously reviewed by other managers as potential pickups based on tournament performance. I hope to impress individually and in teamwork to get decent offers for the next split. Not only this I really think this roster has a lot of untapped potential we’ve just been plagued with issues which only recently have been solved,”

“I have two goals: To beat eg0speed (Bulldog’s top laner) in lane, and to further show that I can be a top tier UK top laner by proving my hard work does pay off.”

A lot of the players going into Forge of Champions have contracts that are up for negotiation. So expect every player to perform as if their career is on the line. Because for some, it is.

With that in mind, Phelan Gaming’s line-up will face NVision Esports, a team that placed second in the open tournament two to qualify for Forge of Champions. It’s important that none of the wild-cards are taken lightly. For Eragon it is crucial that he performs and moves on to face Enclave in the next round. The Brit feels that his side have prepared enough for NVision and that Phelan are stronger than they have ever been this split.


220px-Phelan_Gaminglogo_squareWe’ve looked into the games NVision played in the opens and they seem decent. I in particular, recognise their support player Meal Deal (now renamed Tesco) from soloq. Funny guy.

“I think our team is looking much more solid than in the UKLC. We had some internal issues but for the most part, everything’s been cleaned up and especially with the help of some new staff we’ve found more of an identity.”


Forge of Champions doesn’t just offer teams bragging rights, but for organisations like Phelan. It provides them with information about their potential new UKLC participants. One of the sides some people are touting to overthrow either Bulldog Esports or DarkSpawn Esports are EJBY Brotherhood. Even Eragon is wary of this up and coming line-up and their potential UKLC debut.

It should be interesting to see how the new teams from the open do. I’m especially anxious about The Brotherhood team with Ceikey as he’s an ex-teammate. I’m sure they can win over some of the UKLC teams.

Don’t forget to tune into the Forge of Champions main event live on twitch at 6pm tonight!

By Tom Daniels





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