EJBY Brotherhood’s Jungler Ceikey: “Nobody knows us, but we know everyone.”

In the aftermath of a historic EU Masters for the UK Scene, the Forge of Champions Main Event begins tomorrow. Nine UKLC organisations will go head to head in a tournament to claim the Forge of Champions crown. However, the sides will not be alone as they will also battle against four wild-cards. These wild-cards should not be underestimated, they will attempt to make a name for themselves and try to secure a spot in the UKLC summer split.

One team that will be looking to make an impact are EJBY Brotherhood. The organisation won the first Forge of Champions open tournament beating the heavy favourites the Newcastle Jaguars. Their jungler Ceikey believes that now they are in the main event, they will continue to surprise their opponents.

He says: “I think we’ve a good chance to be a dark horse. Nobody knows us, but we know everyone. It’s exciting to be an underdog throughout a tournament. It makes winning even more satisfying,

It’s really exciting that I get to play against former teammates such as Kruimel, Viggo, Flirt and Eragon. Three different teams that I have in my sight to take down. I come in with Zero expectation, and I hope that I can shock the UK scene.

For a lot of these players, the Forge of Champions tournament is a chance for them to shine. Not only is there money on the line, but much needed momentum for the promotion play-offs. Very few League of Legends players make it to the competitive scene, for Ceikey, this is his opportunity to make a statement.

“It’s a reassurance that what I’ve been doing these past two months wasn’t all for nothing and that I have still got it. Going from a consistently high ranked soloq player to an average ranked one really hurt me in terms of confidence. But, I’m going in head first with no regrets, looking to take out any enemies who are not prepared for us.

After talking to the jungler, he feels pretty confident that not only can his side make a statement at Forge of Champions but also in the UKLC next split.


My mid laner Vixen has already said that he thinks top five is very realistic, but top four should not be contestable. I on the other hand, would say we aim for top two. That is my personal goal for Forge of Champions. How do we expect to win UKLC next split, if we can’t even finish top two?
I don’t wanna sound overconfident, but hell, if I don’t believe in us, who will?

The Dane certainly believes in his sides ability to succeed. Nevertheless, we will only know how strong this line-up is when they play against one of the UKLC sides. If these group of players have ambitions of making it to the UK’s top division, then they must show that they are capable of beating one of the organisations. With a lot of up and coming talent being featured at Forge of Champions this year, will EJBY Brotherhood provide the UK Scene with the ultimate underdog story?

Forge of Champions gets underway tomorrow at 6 pm so don’t miss out on any of the action!

By Tom Daniels


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