Diabolus’ Support Hadow: “Everyone’s aims and goals should be to win the whole tournament.”

Last week Diabolus, Phelan Gaming, MnM Gaming and exceL UK all moved on to the next round of the Forge of Champions tournament. These four organisations all have the opportunity to take on Fnatic Rising in the grand final and take the FoC title. However, before that they must face off against each other to see who will be the most suitable challenger.

The first match-up sees Phelan taking on Diabolus in what many would describe as a David vs Goliath match-up. The Demons will be looking to make a statement in the competition after losing the UKLC spring split finals to Fnatic Rising. Their support Hadow believes that as long as his side work hard and don’t underestimate their opponents, then they should come out of Wednesday’s game victorious.


The supports feels that this is their time to win Forge of Champions.

He says: “We have played vs Phelan in the regular split of UKLC and if I remember correctly we did not lose to them. So, I have no reason to believe that outcome in the upcoming bo3 versus them will change,”

“I think it was a bit surprising that Enclave lost, personally I think the matchup was 60/40 favouring Enclave, but it seems that their Insomnia 64 loss really got the worse of them. Of course, well played to Phelan on their victory and also playing to their strengths.”

Hadow’s side aims bigger than just beating Phelan. They want revenge. They want to win the whole tournament. The support feels that Diabolus have what it takes to beat any side in Forge of Champions, starting with Phelan, then the winner of MnM vs exceL and finally getting payback on Fnatic. All the organisation need to do is stick to the game plan and execute their expectations.



Everyone’s aims and goals should be to win the whole tournament and that is the same for our team as well. However, it is more important for us is to put our heads down and work as a team to make sure we can put out the best performance on the table.



Due to Diabolus’ UKLC Spring regular season success, many people have labelled them the favourites to reach the grand final. Nevertheless, the support has not let peoples expectations affect his performance in this tournament. He even thinks that there is no pressure on his side to win Forge of Champions.

I don’t think anyone from our team feels any pressure to do well to please other peoples expectations. Coming into UKLC people had super low expectations and we as a team we didn’t care. I think we will do fine in our eyes regardless of what others think.

All of the teams remaining in the competition will be looking to make an impact as they look to showcase their skills leading up to the UKLC summer split. This means that no side should be taken lightly. Still, Diabolus is here to win the trophy and other sides should be worried about this organisations potential. Can Phelan tame a demon? Or will Diabolus rise up the bracket straight to Fnatic?

Don’t forget to tune into the Semi-finals tomorrow at 6pm live on Twitch!

By Tom Daniels


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