Phelan Gaming’s ADC Achuu: “It’s just to show a good version of myself.”

Tonight Phelan Gaming have the chance to gain some valuable momentum going into the UKLC summer split as they face spring splits regular season champions, Diabolus in the Forge of Champions semi-finals.

This will be no easy task for Phelan. They are considered the underdogs going into this series. However, according to their ADC Achuu, his side will go into the rift confident and without any worry.


The ADC is more than ready to face Diabolus.

He says: “I think it’s somewhat true that we should be the underdogs, with how we’ve been performing in most of our games. I’m not sure if it encourages us, but it puts less pressure on the squad,

I think the game will be pretty good, considering Diablous looks way weaker than they did in the regular spilt, while we seem to be on a pretty good roll. So, I think it’ll be a fine match.

The Irish organisation have gone through a mini-resurgence at Forge of Champions, making it past NVision Esports in the first round before tumbling Enclave Gaming in the quarterfinals. The line-up is already showing a huge improvement from their sixth-place finish in the UKLC last split. The Danish player feels that in the tournament he has finally been able to show the UK Scene his true ability.


In Forge of Champions, it’s just to show a good version of myself. I think I’m currently performing pretty well and I have done for most of the spilt. But, it’s been hard to shine though considering the struggle we’ve had in the team during the spilt.



Achuu and Phelan will certainly be wanting to continue their good run of form. Unfournatly for them their next opponents are Diabolus. Nevertheless, to be the best, you have to beat the best and if the organisation wants to reach Fnatic Rising in the grand final, then they must beat all challengers. This includes going toe to toe against Yusa, the current UKLC team of the season ADC.

One thing that seems for sure is that both sides are not underestimating their opponents. At this stage, any of the four remaining teams can progress. It’s also interesting to note that despite most players contracts being up for renewal after Forge of Champions, they all remain focused and dedicated to their current organisations.

For some of Phelan’s players, this could be their last chance to impress the organisation. So, perhaps their underdog story isn’t over just yet.

Don’t forget to tune into the Forge of Champions semi-finals today at 6pm live on Twitch.

By Tom Daniels


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