MnM Gaming’s ADC Monk: “I think the series will be quite close.”

MnM Gaming, exceL UK, Diabolus and Phelan all have the chance to challenge Fnatic Rising for the Forge of Champions crown. The only thing these sides need to do is win two more games.

With the UK’s spring season officially coming to a close in the next couple of weeks, it’s crucial that organisations finish the split on a high. For MnM this will be of major importance. The team finished fourth in the UKLC regular season and the side will want to continue their form going into Forge of Champions.

For the Marshmallows to continue their journey they must face exceL UK, a team that finished above them in the UKLC. Nevertheless, Monk (MnM’s ADC) feels that their clash against the LEC sister team will be a highly competitive match-up.


The ADC is wanting to prove his worth against exceL UK.


He says: “I think the series will be quite close, I think it will just depend on what form both teams are in on the day,

I don’t necessarily expect to win or lose anything (from tonight’s game). I am just going to try my best as usual and that’s all I aim to do.

The Estonian also adds that he does not let the fact that exceL is a LEC brand get in the way of their performances.

He continues to say: “I don’t look at the LEC sister teams in higher regard to other organisations in the UK. I think of them as just any other team, but yes they are one of the better teams in the UK and beating them will feel great nonetheless.

The Estonian understands that their run to the semis wasn’t as hard compared to their opponents. The side was given a bye to the quarters and then they disposed of Barrage 2-0. Still, while he believes sides won’t underestimate his team, if they do, they will surely pay the price for it.




Our road to the semifinals wasn’t that difficult so no one saw us going over big hurdles yet but at the same time, I don’t think the other teams underestimate us. They have seen us at our best and underestimating us would be a mistake.”



MnM Gaming will be wanting to further prove that they are one of the best UK organisations and by adding the Forge of Champions title to their accomplishments, it certainly helps the argument.

Out of all the other organisations, exceL UK is possibly the deadliest. They will want to redeem themselves after a poor UKLC spring split campaign. The LEC brand certainly had aspirations of being the best team in the UK scene. So, they will certainly be taking this competition seriously.

Out of the two semi-finals, this match-up seems to have the most on the line. Two teams wanting to prove their worth. With only one coming out victorious. This really is a battle of heart and desire.

Don’t forget to tune into the Forge of Champions semi-finals today at 6pm live on Twitch.

By Tom Daniels


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