Diabolus’ top laner Kerberos: “Nothing will stand in my quest for world domination.”

Today a new Forge of Champions… champion will be crowned. But, before the grand final both MnM Gaming and Diabolus will have to battle it out to see who is worthy of facing Fnatic Rising.

Both of these teams have had unexpected roads to the final day. Diabolus, who many considered the favourites, have had to battle through some difficult series against the likes of DarkSpawn and Phelan. Whereas, their opponents have shocked many viewers with their dominating performances against Barrage and exceL UK.

Diabolus’ top laner Kerberos knows that his side hasn’t been at their best. Nevertheless, they are in the final and now the team have a chance to prove themselves.


The top laner is looking to continue his superb run of form in today’s match against MnM.


The Brit says: “I think we’ve been performing weaker as a team compared to regular split, until the game against Phelan in Forge of Champions. This could be our last chance to show our strengths so hopefully we do!

MnM Gaming have been a really strong team ever since they found their feet in the first few weeks of the regular split. I’m not surprised at all they beat exceL UK who have shown for a long time now they have some major issues.

With how Forge of Champions has been shaping up. Diabolus should be wary of an MnM side that has looked stronger and stronger with each game in this tournament. Kerberos knows that their opponents pose a threat to their grand final appearance, even calling his side the unlikely underdogs going into the series.




I think MnM have looked better than us recently. They are looking super strong with us looking rather weak compared to the regular split. I’m hopeful that coming into this match as the underdogs will give us the motivation to take the match.”



One clash that will certainly be entertaining will be the top lane showdown between Kerberos and Mumus100. Both of these players are seen as one of the best in the UK scene right now. So, the Diabolus player certainly wants to come out of this match-up as the victor.

“Mumus has always been viewed pretty highly of and I also think he’s one of the best tops in the league. Our past performances have always seemed dominant from one of us… he destroyed me on Camille, I destroyed his base on Yorick… you know how it is. I want to prove that I’m the better top laner, but I’m sure he wants to prove that as well; so it should be an exciting game,

“Between UKLC and Forge of Champions, I put in 100 games of Vayne top, as per my coach ‘s request. Thanks to this dojo training, my mechanics are now unfathomable and nothing will stand in my quest for world domination.”

The battle lines have been drawn. Only one team will face Fnatic Rising for a chance to claim the Forge of Champions trophy. Both MnM and Diabolus have fought there way through countless organisations, determined to win the competition. Whoever Fnatic face should be worried because either of these teams have the ability to win it all.

Don’t forget to tune into tonight finals and grand finals today at 6pm live on Twitch!

By Tom Daniels


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