NVision Esports’ Mid Laner 3z3: “Getting promoted to the UKLC would be huge.”

With the Forge of Champions main event having concluded last week, it’s time to focus on the UKLC Summer Split. More importantly, it’s time to talk about the upcoming promotion/relegation tournament that is taking place this week.

One team that will be looking to qualify for the UKLC is NVision Esports. NVision was one of four rosters that qualified for Forge of Champions through the open tournament. This has allowed the organisation a chance to take either DarkSpawn or Bulldogs’ place in the UKLC next split. The team’s mid laner 3z3 feels that his side are ready to prove that they deserve to be in the UK’s premier League of Legends competition.


He says: “I’m feeling super motivated right now. We played really well in our first games vs Phelan and we have been practising super hard since then. I feel like we have gotten better as a team and confidence is really high right now as we move into the promotion tournament.


8BK1OLEnBefore NVision gets the opportunity to face one of the relegated UKLC sides, they must first face EJBY Brotherhood and earn the right to fight for promotion in an offline tournament tomorrow. As 3z3 knows beating Brotherhood will be no easy task and if his side doesn’t concentrate on their opponents, they will lose their chance of getting promoted.


EJBY Brotherhood is a good team, they qualified first in the first open tournament and took a game off Darkspawn, so by no means are we going to underestimate them. We have been watching their games closely and I feel like we have prepared accordingly to come out on top with a win.

Thankfully the mid-laner is aware of his opposition and so, tomorrow’s clash should be a brilliant spectacle. Nevertheless, with recent news coming out that NVision have lost their jungler Noodle due to unforeseen circumstances. They have a huge mountain to climb in trying to find a replacement and then having to adapt him to the squad in just over 24 hours.


Despite these worries, the Swede will still be looking to help his side gain a spot in the UKLC. Not many players get the chance to make money in Esports, let alone get given the opportunity to play for a regions national league. So, for 3z3, to help his side create a path to professional League of Legends would be a dream come true.

I want to be the best teammate I can be. I feel like there is such talent in this roster and everyone has been working so hard as of late. We have all been improving and helping each other out on and off the rift. So, as long as I perform at my highest level of League of Legends, I feel like I can accomplish that goal,

Getting promoted to the UKLC would be huge. I would be able to show people what I am capable of on a bigger stage, by playing against some of the best players in the UK. It’s also the first step in making League of Legends more than a hobby for me which is something that I’ve been striving for, for a long time now.

Clearly, more than just qualification is on the line for these players. This is their chance to impress and show everybody what they are capable of. For some of these players, this could be the start of an unbelievable journey. All they need to do is just keep on winning.

By Tom Daniels


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