Bulldog Esports’ Support TheKat: “There is no other option but to win.”

It’s only a couple of house before the main portion of the UKLC promotion tournament begins. All four teams have done their preparation and now it’s all down to which team wants it more.

Bulldog Esports will have the opportunity to stay in the UK’s premier League of Legends competition as they face NVision Esports, a side that shocked many by beating Hybrid eSports UK in the promotion qualifiers. Bulldogs’ support TheKat firmly believes in his sides ability to defeat NVision.



The support is prepared to face any challenger in the tournament.



He says: “I feel confident in my team’s ability to win the series vs Nvision. We expected to face Hybrid esports especially after their showing in Forge of Champions versus us and exceL UK,

We have been scrimming constantly. Everyone has been balancing work and university exams because we all want to do our best. Also, this is potentially our last few games together.”

While most of Bulldogs’ preparation may have been on Hybrid, the side will certainly not be underestimating NVision. The organisation has proven in the Forge of Champions open tournament and in the promotion qualifiers, that they are a worthy challenger for Bulldog’s UKLC spot.


Nevertheless, TheKats side have to be considered favourites going into the promotion tournament. For some of these players last split, they severely underperformed and this is their chance to make amends and at least stop the organisation from getting relegated.


As the support said before, this may be the last time this line-up plays together. So, the players will want to make it their mission to make the team proud. For everybody involved, they believe they are the best side, all they need to do is deliver a performance they can be proud of.

I am extremely confident in our sides ability to remain in UKLC. I don’t want to let down my team or my organisation. I want to show up this series. So there is no other option but to win.

There is more than just promotion on the line in these games. For the likes of Bulldog and DarkSpawn it’s all about redeeming themselves. Whereas, NVision and EJBY Brotherhood want to prove that they are worthy enough to join the UKLC.

Don’t forget to tune into the beginning of the promotion tournament tonight at 6PM live on Twitch!

By Tom Daniels



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