NVision Esports’ Jungler Infinity: “I feel like people see us as the underdog.”

It’s fair to say the Forge of Champions promotion tournament did not disappoint. Both DarkSpawn and Bulldogs lost their first series to the wild-card teams of EJBY Brotherhood and NVision Esports, meaning that there will be at least one new side joining the UKLC in the summer split.

The rules are simple. Win two games and you are through. Today’s crucial match-up sees Nvision facing Brotherhood, with the winner guaranteeing qualification. This is not the first time that these sides have clashed as they faced each other in the promotion qualifiers only two days prior.

However, now the stakes are even higher. NVision Esports‘ jungler Infinity feels that his side have what it takes to beat EJBY Brotherhood but admits that it won’t be easy.

He says: “Part of me is looking forward to more of a challenge, as the games against Bulldog Esports didn’t seem like a huge obstacle for us. On the other hand, because we lost in the promotion qualifies to EJBY Brotherhood, I am a little nervous going into this game. I still think we can win though because I don’t feel like we performed as well as we could have done in our first match,

“The biggest threat is DenVoksne. He could probably steal my girlfriend with his good looks!

It’s well documented that the jungler was a last minute addition to this line-up. Yet, his recent performances against Bulldog Esports makes the player feel like he has been with the side for an entire split. Infinity always believed in his ability to adapt to the team quickly and he says that this was due to two reasons, 3z3 and the mentality of the organisation.

I’m used to a team environment and I’ve gotten a lot of practice with good coaches in the past few months. Adam (3z3) and I have also been friends for around three years now and he has become my main Duo Q partner, so we have been building our synergy for a long time now. As for the rest of the team, there is no ego at all and everyone just wants what’s best in order for us to succeed and I feel my playstyle fits in well,

In the short time that I have been with NVision they have been nothing but supportive and ensured that there is no pressure on me to get them into the UKLC as it’s such a recent roster change.

Despite being backed by an organisation, EJBY Brotherhood as seen as the favourites in tonight’s clash. Still, Nvision has been an underestimated side this entire competition. Yet, they still managed to beat teams like Hybrid in the qualifiers and Bulldog, one of the biggest sides in the promotion tournament. For Infinity, they want to continue the pattern of denying the odds.


I feel like people see us as the underdog. We came 2nd in qualifiers and had a recent roster change. But the fans love seeing us win and upset the ‘bigger’ teams. So we definitely want to continue this trend,


“I know how much effort Adam and the rest of the team have put in over the last few months and I just want to do my best to help them qualify.

For one of these wildcards, they are going to make history. For the other, they still have a chance to redeem themselves and qualify by beating the winner of DarkSpawn and Bulldog. Yesterday’s matches showed that anybody can win so coming into today, anything is possible.

Don’t forget to tune into the promotion tournament today at 6pm live on Twitch!

By Tom Daniels


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