EJBY Brotherhood’s ADC DenVoksne: “I think we are going to take it 2-0.”

EJBY Bortherhood are on the verge of being one of the best performing open bracket UK teams since Forge of Champions was created. What makes this feat even more impressive is the fact that they don’t even have an organisation backing them on this journey.

Not only did this side win the open tournament to qualify for the Forge of Champions main event, but now they have the opportunity to be promoted to the UKLC after an impressive 2-0 victory over DarkSpawn Esports. Despite many people feeling that DarkSpawn could beat the wild card, Brotherhood’s ADC DenVoksne always had faith in his side’s ability. Even considering the fact that in Forge of Champions they failed to defeat the UKLC side.

He says: “I kind of thought we would win either 2-1 or 2-0. The first time we met DarkSpawn we disappointingly lost the series 2-1 but our coach sadly was not present which made our drafts uncoordinated and made our drafts terribly bad. This made it more difficult to win than it needed to be and ultimately was part of the reason we lost the first time.”

The ADC was a stand out performer in yesterdays clash. However, when asked about his MVP performance, he immediately wanted to praise his teammates who made his performance possible.

I think everyone played well this series. I think the only reason I had this incredible performance was because I was set up to do so. Lena was super good at soaking pressure and got out of multiple ganks. Ceikey camped bot and gave me plenty of resources, Vixen was on waveclear duty and well I had to perform the way I did. My team did their jobs and I did mine, it just happened to be that mine was the flashiest.

All Brotherhood need to do is win one more game to secure themselves a spot in the UKLC summer split. Standing in their way are NVision Esports, who have defied many peoples expectations by getting this far in the promotion tournament. After their opponents impressive 2-0 victory over the favourites Bulldog Esports, it is imperative that Brotherhood doesn’t underestimate this organisation. Nevertheless, DenVoksne is confident going into their clash as his side have previously beaten NVision juts a couple days ago.

We beat them in the open tournament which was BO1, so I think we have the upper hand in the matchup, that being said now they have gotten to know us and can definitely strike back in the BO3. They are not to be underestimated but I feel confident going in that we will emerge victoriously. I think they have potential, personally, I haven’t looked too much on other players in the UKLC and focus on myself and my team,


Forge_of_ChampionsI think we are going to take it 2-0 I think we play a pretty simple style, but we play it well and we play to the strengths of our team. Every player cant shine so we found out what works for us, 

We have beat them before and I feel confident with our coach Marco here for the games.


For one of these sides, they will guarantee themsleves a place in the UKLC if they win today. The question will be, who is better? The free agent super-team or the underdogs? The answer will be revealed tonight.

Don’t forget to tune into the promotion tournament tonight at 6pm live on Twitch!

By Tom Daniels



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