EJBY Brotherhood’s Jungler Ceikey: “We all put in the work, now we reap the rewards.”

A few days ago two open bracket sides achieved monumental victories which secured their teams a spot in the UKLC summer split.

Since then both of the line-ups have been preparing for their next challenge. NVision will be wanting to make their organisation proud. Whereas EJBY Brotherhood will be wanting to find an organisation that will take on this team of talented players. Brotherhood’s jungler Ceikey feels that his side have proven a lot of people wrong in their successful promotion journey.

He says: “It feels good, everyone had already counted us out after our bad performance in the Forge of Champions tournament, losing to DarkSpawn. We knew we had it in us to qualify, we just had to show up and prove it. I’m very happy that we did,”

“Also, our coach came back two days before the qualifier, which helped us so much I can’t even explain,”

I could not have been happier when we qualified, not only for qualifying but for my teammates to be excited about it as well. It really just hits the mark. We all put in the work, now we reap the rewards.”

What makes Brotherhoods journey to the UKLC more fascinating is that they had nobody backing them. Both in peoples expectations and also financially. However, this lack of pressure seemed to have increased the line-ups determination. They wanted to prove that they were the best in the promotion tournament. In the end, they showed that. The jungler believes that it was their mentality that pushed them into the UKLC and that they aren’t the only players wanting to show how good the UK Scene really is.

“In my opinion, no matter which org is backing you up, if your players aren’t motivated, it won’t work out. I have a feeling that the UK scene is growing, split by split, also looking at Fnatic Rising’s EUMasters run. I’m confident that the UK scene is gonna be a top contender in European regional leagues.”

As said previously the team’s goal will be finding a suitable organisation. When asked about if a deal had been made with a team, Ceikey keot his cards close to his chest.

Reveals are coming soon, stay tuned!

Whichever org decides to take EJBY Brotherhood’s spot, they will have a talented roster at their disposal. With the right infastructre behind these players, they could be a dark horse coming into the UKLC.

By Tom Daniels.


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