MnM Gaming’s ADC Yusa: “We’ll see come playoffs whether our work has truly paid off.”

The UKLC’s penultimate tower begins today. While the top three of Excel UK, Fnatic Rising and MnM have secured their spots for the playoffs, everybody else still has something to play for.

MnM Gaming came into the summer split with a revitalised roster. Despite losing Mumus and Monk, many expected them to succeed. The organisation currently sit third in the table and they have been the only major threat to the LEC sister sides. According to their ADC Yusa, they are certainly achieving their expectations so far this split.


The former Hyperion player will be looking to continue his side’s momentum by beating Phelan today.


He says: “I think we have performed up to expectation, being a level above the lower competition but still looking to be the only team that seems to compete with the academy teams,

Even though we haven’t taken a game off the LEC sister sides yet, I don’t think we’re too far behind. Each week we play against one, I do feel progression from our side and I think what we lacked was in fundamentals about how the game is played. Since then we’ve seemed to come to a mutual understanding and I believe we’re playing much better than before.



MnM kept three of their core players from the last split. When Yusa and OnlyAngel joined the Marshmallows, there was a slight concern that the immediate synergy would not be there. However, this side have played spectacularly so far in the tournament. The ADC believes that the reasoning for this is because they want to demonstrate how good they are individually and as a team.



I think it’s because the team is made up of players who have something to prove, not only is it a full UK roster, it’s probably a full UK roster with players who are at least top two or three in their role in the UKLC. So, whilst some players may lack knowledge or experience, they make up for it in motivation and willingness to improve,



I think we’ll see come playoffs whether our work has truly paid off.



The Brit joined MnM after a very successful spell at Diabolus, playing a major part in the first place regular-season run. Nevertheless, despite the academy teams dominating the standing so far this competition, he admits that he is extremely happy with the organisation. The player wants to prove why he was considered one of the top ADC’s last split.

My experience thus far at MnM has been a really good one, the content they produce is really outstanding (shoutout to Velya) and the support we receive as players is pretty nice too. I have nothing bad to say.

Make sure you tune into the UKLC today live on Twitch at 6pm to see some of the UK’s best talent in action!

By Tom Daniels



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