Phelan Gaming’s Mid Laner Chemera: “We just need to have fun and play the way we scrim.”

The UKLC’s final tower begins in just over 24 hours. While the likes of MnM, Fnatic Rising, Excel UK, Diabolus and Demise have qualified for playoffs, there are still five teams battling it out for the remaining places.

One of those sides is none-other than Phelan Gaming. The Wolves once again find themselves in a relegation battle. However, they also have a chance to secure a playoff place with a victory against Enclave on Wednesday.

Phelan’s Mid Laner Chemera is upbeat about the organisations’ crucial tower match-up, stating that this is the best his side has ever looked.

“I’m sure I can speak on behalf of my team when saying we are feeling pretty confident this week. The thing I love about the team is we have a lot of fun just playing together and always spend time outside of scrims and games. I feel if we didn’t connect well then we would be feeling pretty shaky and uncertain, but we have full faith in ourselves and the addition of Beartree only amplifies this,”

“We’ve had a pretty rough split with roster changes and throwing games when in winning situations. We’re at a point where the jitters have been knocked and we’re not afraid to make plays. Personally, I’m a little sad it’s taken me this long to play with confidence, but playing against MnM has made me realise that no team is unbeatable, and we have a really fucking good team individually, we just need to have fun and play the way we scrim.”

Phelan’s opponents, Enclave, will be no easy team to beat. Despite the side being level on points with Phelan (both sides have two points). Many would say that Enclave are the favourite for the game. However, the mid laner feels that his side can defeat their opponents due to the fact that Enclave has struggled to play as a team, an issue that Phelan has just recently solved.

“I actually think Enclave is a good team of individual players. But they seem to struggle with playing as a team similar to how we have been recently. With that being said, I think we have found a style that works for us and one that Enclave won’t be able to compete with unless they start fixing their team play. I enjoy playing against Beeley but he needs to start playing to win and not to lose from his azir/corki farm all game style of play.”

Wednesday’s matchup is crucial, while playoffs are at stake. It’s incredibly possible that the loser of this matchup will be in the relegation zone. Nevertheless, Chemera is happy to know that their fate will be decided by their own performances and not by results from other teams.

“We are completely in control of our playoff run and that gives us a lot more confidence. I’m excited to show our ceiling now that we’ve found something that works, and hopefully surprise everyone out there with our playoff run.”

As the regular season comes to a close there is still a lot to be decided. Who will be crowned the regular-season champions? Who will make it into playoffs? And which two sides face a relegation battle? All these questions will be answered this week. So, sit back, relax and watch all the action unfold.

Make sure you tune into the UKLC this Wednesday Live on Twitch at 6pm to see some of the UK’s best talent in action!

By Tom Daniels


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